August 8, 2012

POMS Week 9: I Swallowed My Big Fat Legs!!!

"Sometimes what's good for you can be hard to swallow." Betty Boop
It's no secret that Betty Boop is my all-time-fave Diva!  And it is this very quote above that inspired this post.  Yes, I Love myself.  Yes, I Love who I am and Yes, I am really not afraid to be ME!  But, if I want to continue to grow and reach the highest potential I can be, I really have to face some fugly truths about myself.  And as the wise Diva said "Sometimes what's good for you can be hard to swallow".  She is just too smart for her own good!

Time to face a few truths about myself.  There are 3 fugly's I deal with on an every day basis and I am slowly but surely learning to love and accept them just as they are because they are undoubtedly a part of me... Arms, Legs, Thighs! 
As the picture below reveals, today I am conquering with love and Big Fat Legs!!! 

I LOVE wearing dresses!   But, typically I'd wear leggings under them in order to hide my legs unless of course the dress fell below the knee, way, way below the knee. Well, this day wasn't any different than any other when I set out to wear this dress. I planned to wear the black leggings I'd usually wear when all of a sudden I heard my daughter say "No Mom!  Wear it without the leggings this time".  Needless to say her words strung at my heart with a melody of love so passionately yet sweet that I Swallowed My Big Fat Legs!!!   So for my sake here I go!  Ta' Dah...

At first I felt naked, uncomfortable and I wanted to slip into my leggings. 
But, I didn't and I'm glad because I started to feel free.  Feel free like a butterfly with wings.

Hence the dress with wings! And look at my legs...they're not so bad!

You know life can sometimes suck!  But it's good to know that
a little silliness can brighten the heart and spirit just like that!

I'm not going to lie here people. It just wouldn't be fair to me in the first place nor would it be fair to you either.  I may seem a little wacky or silly at times (it's my nature I can't help it!) but I have a serious side too.  Especially when it comes to what I am so passionate about: self-love and acceptance! As well as being beautiful-at-any-size and age!  Age is a big on for me because I'm expected to act or dress a certain way.  Well, I don't want to! *crosses arms over chest.  But that's a whole other post in itself.  Let's get back to what I was saying.  

I know my body is not perfect.  But it is the only body I have.  And come to think of it, is there really such a thing as a perfect body?  Umm.  Well, okay maybe if you're thinking Channing Tatum or The Rock, Vin Diesel or the even Thor!  Oops, I think I've digressed again.  As I was saying, I only have this one body and I intent to strive at loving it more and more each day, body part by body part, link by link.  I have seen the light. My light. And it's shinning ever so bright!  And I love and embrace it!

Turns out my swallowing the truth about my legs wasn't so bad after all.  Didn't even leave any unpleasant after taste what so ever.  So y'all make sure to link up to Rachele's I Am Proud of My Size Link Up!  As a matter of love, I'm ready to conquer my next thighs.  Oh boy, really?  Did I just say that?  You guys didn't hear me say that did you?  Eeeeeek!!!!!!!!! "/



  1. WOW! That was an awesome post...cute and charming and just awesome! Yes, you are right your legs are great :) I struggle too, with an obscene excess of pictures my extreme picture taking freak of a sister-in-law posts all the time. My little Vietnamese Sista has forced me to love myself no matter what I'm wearing or what situation we are in. I tend to get super goofy (that silliness you mention) in pictures because that's just fun anyway! Hugs! Love your blog!!

    1. Hola Tam! Thanks for your kind words! And I have 3 sisters of my own so I know how it is! But it is a good thing what your little Vietnamese Sista is forcing you to do, so go on ahead and love yourself! I Love it when you stop by, so keep coming back. Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  2. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are . Your creator is a true artist and makes no mistakes.. Fear is what hold us back,,, and girlllllll you have nothing to fear.. I'm proud of you sis. La Lu peace, love & happiness:-)

    1. They say when you face fear in the face it melts away and that is exactly what I am doing when it comes to loving and accepting myself for who I am! Yep, I am the masterpiece of a true artist...none can beat! Thanks sis, La Lu :)


  3. Beautiful dress! Your legs look great...they aren't fat to me...but I know we are always our own worst critic. Horray for showing them off!

  4. Beautiful dress! Your legs look great...they don't look fat to me...but I know that we are always our own worst critic. Hooray for showing them off!

  5. I am just the same about my legs - but I'll let you into a secret here: my legs are bigger than yours!! You look lovely in the dress my dear. No need for leggings unless it's cold (which it won't be in Miami!!)


  6. I love your dress too, you look beautiful!

  7. i love your smile you look very happy


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