August 13, 2012

Soul Food Monday

After spending the last few nights slumbering around, postponing the packing, tossing and turning to the changes that my life was about to face, I can't believe I am finally in Miami.

Hola Readers! Hope everyone had a wonderful wacky weekend.

 Wow! Believe me, when life knocked on my door and told me it was time for me to leave my secure good paying job, my comfy home I had settled into, my precious treasure number 2... I scratched my head and said What?? Watcha talkin bout Willis?? But instead of succumbing to my doubts and fears, I learned that...

In my case, I flew. That would've been quite a long walk! And now here I am laying on the warm sand in sunny Miami Beach, sipping on mojitos, enjoying the sights of the hunky hunks walking everywhere with bronze tight bon bons..... ok, ok, that's not entirely true.   It's more like I'm laying on the cold floor with the G-kidz jumping all over me...aahhhh.....priceless! 

Hope your week is full of "priceless" moments.  As always it is a pleasure to have you visit!



  1. And nowhere would you rather be!! Enjoy it mi amiga!!


  2. This post brings tears to my eyes! I guess im a little sensitive as well as you ;) ;) it just reminds me of everything bad I've been through & how i've never really grasped that I'm here! Standing tall! It reminds me of all the passion inside of me waiting to explode in numerous encounters making all the little parts in my life come together! It gives me inspiration cause I so firmly believe if he can why can't I????!!! I will, I came, I conqured!

  3. How exciting! Every risk I've ever taken has paid off big time. :) Proud of you, hang in there!

  4. Congratulations on listening to your inner self and finding peace and warmth in Miami!


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