August 20, 2012

Soul Food Monday!

Hola mi Familia and Friends!  Buenas MaƱanita! (good little morning). Wishing everyone a Magnificent Monday full of special moments and a week full of ponder and wonder!  Here is this week's feed for the soul...

This week I will focus on the those little moments that sometimes go unnoticed and slip away as lost blessings.  Oh, but when we consciously set out to embrace these moments, it'll sure fill the heart and soul with bliss!  Trust me, I know!  Look at my face as I embrace one of those moments I shared with my little G-girl Bridget!  And let me tell you it took my breath away in more ways than I struggled in the tiny little itty bitty space that made my big fat behind get stuck!  But then, I finally made it in and the sweet sound of the giggles and sparkles in my chiquitica's little eyes definitely took my breath away making the struggle all worth while!  I am blessed I was able to capture this special moment.

Care to join me this week and focus on those moments that take our breath away?  If so, please do come back and share!  I'd really LOVE to hear about it!  



  1. Such a cute picture and such a cute little girl.


  2. Popped in from Mondays Mantra ~

  3. Yay for smiles and amazing moments! I'll be back to share my happy moments of the week with you...

    Happy Tuesday and have a wonderful day!



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