August 15, 2012

POMS Week #10...Giving More Love to My Thighs!

"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself" Oprah Winfrey

Hola Readers!  I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week thus far.  My travels to Miami could not have been better and there is so much I want and will share in the very near future.  But first, I want to make my contribution to Rachele's I Am Proud of My Size Link Up #10.  I am extremely late with this one being that there is only a few hours left to link up.  But of all the post thus far this is the most difficult yet the most important to me as it is the one that has held me back from completely accepting myself as I am!  I Am Proud of My Size 18...
I have been participating with Rachele's link up since day 1 and with each contribution I have learned to love my body more and more each time.  I've learned to love each of the body parts I have disliked and hidden for years and years!  My double chin, my fat arms with wings, my fat legs, my pudgy
flabby belly and my big fat thighs.  All once hidden and caged deep within, now free to to be me!  This weeks contribution is one of the thighs!  I want to be true to who I am!  My thighs are like a nightmare to me.  Never, ever, ever have I felt comfortable exposing them in public which is one of the reason I NEVER wear shorts.   This contribution is so intimate and one of the most difficult one to me.  So much that I had to deal with it in two parts.  First part is embracing my thighs through tight jeans (which I seldom wear) and the second part I will dare and expose on link up #11 in shorts. Yes, shorts!  Bare skin!  The bare skin of my thighs in shorts!  This is how much this link up has impacted and inspired my life!  Inspired me to LOVE me WHOLEheartedly! 

Slowly but surely, little by little I opened up and embraced my beautiful thighs!

De cabeza a los pies (head to toe)
specz - Dollar Tree
Earrings - The Avenue
Blouse - The Avenue
Belt - Lane Bryant
Jeans capri - Gifted
Sandals - Payless
Purse - Thrifted
Towards the end I was loving how I felt!
I had so much fun!  The energy surrounding me was positive!
I did it!!!  No regrets!!!

Thank you so much for sharing another special and amazing moment of my life.  The passion behind why I blog is to Inspire and be Inspired.  I was inspired by Rachele and her link up and now I want to inspire YOU to link up.  Don't think about it!  Do like Nike says "Just do it!"  I did and I feel superdeedooperdee great!  See ya at link up #11.  Thank you for stopping by!
"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself" Oprah Winfrey


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  1. You look great! My trouble areas are my double chin, big arms, and very fat belly. I've come to terms with all but that belly. I do a lot to hide it;) I'm looking forward to seeing next weeks post!


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