August 9, 2012

A Bitter-Sweet Departure But Can You Blame Me?

Sometimes life just knocks on your door and says "Hey you, it's time to get-a-steppin' and move on!  Sometimes it's unexpected so you tend to ignore its knock thinking "Nah, it can't be. Not yet".  But, then the knock gets louder. "Hey you!"  And again, you question it. "Uhh, who me?"  And this time  you know its time. "Yea YOU! Your time in Kansas had been served, time to move on to a new chapter in life!"  I swear that's exactly how "Life" sounded.  At least in my head it did. 
Anyway, sometimes life does knock unexpectedly and sometimes not.  In my case it did. It came as a fast curve ball from left field, so yea it was definitely unexpected. But you know what,  maybe I really knew down deep inside it was time because I caught that fast curve ball with conviction.

                 Good morning my superdeedooperdee Readers! 
Wishing everyone a Thriving Thursday

My last day at work was last Friday Aug 3.  It was a quiet morning when I came in that day.  Many of  my team co-workers have also scattered away to pursue other endeavors as well.  Although it was another bitter-sweet day for me, I am truly jumping for joy and am truly excited to start a new chapter in my life.  It still is however, a sad moment when you know you will no longer see the people you've grown to love and care for through the years.  Given my exquisite sensitivity to other peoples feelings, not to mention my skip-to-my-Lou-my-darling cheery disposition, there were more than a few that I built special bonds with.  Friends I really grew to care for and I will miss very much!*sniff  I think I will just let the pictures do most of the talking, otherwise I will end up with an irritated and red, red nose. *more sniff-sniff...

Lindsay is the best!  She even personalized the cookies: green - my fave color, I LOVE high heel shoes! I favor animal print. She even made a cookie with a slang I taught them "Who dat iah"  which is just "who is that" but with a bit of attitude!

Everyone at The University of Kansas Cancer Center was special to me.  Everyone in their own way touched my heart and enriched my life in one way or another.  These are just the highlights of a few of the those many people:

This is Deb, the director of the Patient Financial Services Department.  Oh, but she became so much more to me than that.  There was a special "click" of sorts when her and I first met 3 years ago.  This "Boss Lady" (what I'd call her even though she didn't like it) captured my heart in ways I hope she knows she did.  A righteous lovely lady who possesses a code of ethics that commands you to do your best.  And while many see her as tough and rigid, I saw her gentle, sweet and generous heart.  She will remain ever so special in my heart...Siempre!...Always! 
Oh, Boss Lady Ima miss you mucho! 
Debbie, the collections department manager. Sweet. humble. patient and very understanding. I had the privilege of sitting at the panel at Debbie's interview. gurl!  In my opinion the underdog. A genius full of knowledge of all and everything!  Any questions I had, I knew without a doubt she'd have the answers!
Then there was Jeanie.  Whoa!  What can I say about her? 
Only that she was my P.I.C (partner in crime). 
My confidante, And Amiga, a good pair of listening ears, a tough shoulder to lean on, a story teller.  She is the true McCoy.  A rebel in her own right!  Lady of Steel! 
Ima miss our talks...oh so very much!
A captured recap of the day...

A Special Gift from the Corazon! Awwww

Truly a sad moment.  But hey, look what's awaiting me...can you blame me?

Jan 2012 Miami Vacation -
Photo by SelaRom Photography (Photographer - Precious Treasure1)

Jan 2012 Miami Vacation (Me & Precious Treasure2)

Makes me wonder if they were switched at birth!  Watcha think???
There you have it!
A glimpse of my last day at work and
La Familia that awaits me!
Can you really blame me!?

As always thank you for stopping by and sharing this special moment with me.  Please keep coming back for more of to Inspire and be Inspired!  Have you had to make a move that turned out to be bitter-sweet too?  Have you taken a move to go be with La Familia where at the same time you had to leave some Familia behind?  Tell me about it.  I'd really LOVE to hear it.  Thanks!  Tootles!



  1. i love your works station!!!!!! i am sure you are ready to kick in the day everyday with that office to go to ... cheers!

  2. Wow! What a roller coaster of emotions as I too felt the sadness of your fairwell... Not goodbye cause i'm sure you will always remain in contact somehow. I do love your work station, & what great people to be surrounded with most of your day! :) however, not only am I precious treasure #1!!!! Yes #1, lol but i'm one of the reasons waiting for you here, I smiled from ear to ear feeling the love bursting through your page for us! & cracked up at especially that one picture!! Good times good time! Can't wait for many more!!!

  3. Aww it IS so bitter sweet, but YAY for going home to family! I feel ya girl!

  4. It sounds like you were happy at your job, and thats good! It does make it much harder to leave though. You get used to seeing those people everyday, and making those connections that you don't have outside of work. I get it, I just left my job of 5 years 2 months ago, and it was such a hard transition!

  5. Your family and friends - what an abundance of blessings! Leavings are so hard but with your incredible attitude new and exciting opportunities will present themselves. Having work friends who are positive and uplifting is wonderful - I'm sure yours are sad to see you go.

  6. Leaving is always hard, but moving to be with family is always a better pay off in the end!


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