August 26, 2012

Awaiting Tropical Storm Isaac...

It's been kinda ugly and muggy these days due to Hurricane Isaac threatening its way through the Gulf of Mexico.  This is a picture I shot early this morning just outside the door of my daughter's home where I am making residence since I relocated back home to Miami from Kansas 2 weeks ago.
As a means of passing time, I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures
 of the household as we await the storm...
My little G-girl Bridget, whom I call mi Chiquitica, is a movie enthusiast to say the least.  
Which is cute and all, but when she likes a movie she watches it and watches it and watches it. 
 I don't think I can stand watching Grease another time...we've watched it 4x already....back-to-back! 
 Next is Free Willy Part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4!!!
Hope the son-in-law doesn't hold a grudge against his
 little sweet young-at-heart mother-in-law (that's me)
I was bored what can I say "/
My Precious Treasure1 working on editing her pictures.  Precious Treasure3 was scheduled to work today and decided to fulfill her responsibilities and go in.  I'm hoping she is sent home very soon!
And the G-girlz...twirling around!
I think I'll take advantage of the imprisonment indoors and 
work on some long overdue posts sitting purdy in the draft isle!  

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday where ever in the world you find yourself today. 
 How do you pass time when you are forced indoors?  I'd really love to hear about it!  


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  1. Hopefully you're safe from Hurricane Isaac. What's funny is that it's raining in Wisconsin as well. Not as severe as Florida, of course, but it's got me to stay inside.

    I pretty much surf the internet, watch MeTV (the old shows channel) and cook with my family. Usually it's a pj day too =D


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