February 7, 2012

Standing High in my Hot Pink Heels

Life can be hard at times and sometimes ALL the time; but it's really about how you perceive it!  Sometimes you just have to let go and let it be...and just be you!  For me for instance, life can sometimes seem like a big hammer & pick chipping away at your very existence.  Now, I can choose to let it keep chipping away AT me or I can fight back AS me and as only I can!  So, I'll choose a sharp weapon; one I feel may best represents "ME" at the given time.  For instance, perhaps a sharp, yet sexy hot pink 5" stilettos!!!
Yes, even with a bow...because I can!  Hey trust me it works!  Tootles!

                                                                                        -Mayra A

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I love how you always have such uplifting words on your post. I found you from blog hop. Followed you so pls kindly follow back :) and thank you for hosting. Keep in touch.


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