February 14, 2012

Day 3: Beauty in Silence...Not a Total Flop After All

Yesterday Feb 13, 2012 was Day 3 of quest What a Wonderful World it is!  I chose to set out to discover the Beauty in Silence.  This morning on the cold & early drive to work, I realized on how the day had unfolded into a total flop!  What I discovered was NOT that there is no positive potential benefit in setting out to discover the "Beauty in Silence" by committing yourself to silence, to not talking at all, to no hee nor haa, but rather that it was quite challenging to do so at your place of  employment!!! No kidding Duhh...Talk about setting myself up!  Really...what was I thinking? 

The fact is that's exactly where I learned I made the mistake!  I discovered I had  "thought" about the idea instead of "pondered" upon the idea! And believe me when I say there is a great difference between the two.  Think versus Ponder I know because I've experienced the difference and yet I still managed to fall into the routine of thinking. So go'hed & shoot me for being human.  Hey, ponder in itself can be challenging. It commands conscious effort and may require a little xtra time from our already busy schedule. God forbid we take time for ourselves to ponder. Oh, but when practiced it's a wonder! You'll truly find Wonder in Ponder.  Of course, all together that's a whole different topic that I'd be more than happy to elaborate on but at another given time.  I still believe in the idea of discovering the Beauty in Silence and have decided it's best to pursue at a later time.  Perhaps when I'm able to be alone to surrender my all to the silence and reap it's rewards.  In conclusion, Day 3 of my quest was Not a Total Flop After All since it turned out to be a learning experience...and that my friends, is what life is all about!  Toodles!


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