February 26, 2012

SimplyyMayra's Dictionary

Ponder [pon-der] - to consider something deeply and thoroughly; meditate.

Wonder [wuhn-der] - the emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring, astounding, or marvelous.

Hola [oh-lah] - a spanish word for hello

Je suis qui je suis [no clue how to pronounce & thats my truth but I know what it means] - french tranlation for I Am Who I Am

Soy quien Soy [soy-key-n-soy] - spanish translation for I Am Who I Am

Me Amo [meh-ah-mo] - spanish translation for I Love Me

Je m' aime [jay-mem] - french translation for I Love Me

Ye Yo [yeh-eeh-yo] - Swahili translation for Mother

Inspiration[in-spuh-rey-shuhn] - an inspiring or animating action or influence; a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

Mi [mee] -a spanish word for my

Corazon [koa-rrrah-zone] -a spanish word for heart


  1. If you are taking suggestions to add words to your dictionary I would like to suggest:
    "ye yo", means "mother" in Swahili. It's pronounced yeh-eeh-yo(long "O" sound at the end) and it's spelled with a space between the "ye" and "yo". This word holds a very special place in my heart. You see, when my son was a baby (now 16 yrs old) every night I'd sing him to sleep a song titled "ye yo" by Eryka Badu. He'd lay his cozy little body upon my bosom and drift to sleep as I sang every word from my heart. I am so very blessed to be his ye yo and he knows he can ALWAYS count on me because I AM forever his ye yo. ~Ms. J~

    1. Ms J, Suggestions are always welcome in my blog & greatly appreciated! "ye yo" is a great word to know! I love the meaning of it as well. Your's is a tender story of a mother's love. Your son is blessed to have you as his ye yo! Thank you! -SimplyyMayra

  2. When I read this post the first thing that came to mind was how you had the wrong definition of ye yo. Ye yo (to me) means Meri lol, jk. When I saw the comments it made me laugh even more. You should add the word inspiration, since your blog is inspirational. Maybe even add the meaning of your name. That could be cool.

    1. Bryanna, I'm happy to hear you got a laugh out of this one! Your suggestion on adding the word inspiration is Fantastic!!! Now, why didn't I think of that!? "/
      I will be looking up the meaning of my name as well. Thank you for visiting my blog but don't stop there, keep coming back for more! Toodles!


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