February 22, 2012

Day 12 Exploring Technology

So to be honest, I'm not exactly what you would call technologically savvy; but when my phone finally decided to die out on me, I figured maybe it was time to listen to advice and face that in this situation my daughters were right and I should finally try to step out there and catch up on the latest gadgets and whatever so called "smart phones". Now, just so you know, for the last few years, I've relied on my trusty, loyal little phone, which some may say is from the dinosaur age. It was so simple, I loved it. So I got a smart phone now, and I hope I don't regret it, since thus far it to me it's proven to be a stupid phone. I touch it to spell a word and it chooses to spell it's own. My daughters say it's my finger and I just gotta get used to it, so I guess I will since after all it is an investment I made on me.

My old little dinosaur phone
My new smart phone aka stupid phone
I guess it wasn't so bad
at least I go a cute bag out of it

Will keep you posted on how it goes!

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