February 29, 2012

Reflections of a Song

He lied to me. Told me he loved me. Lies, all were lies! The kisses! the roses! the false caresses that made me quiver!  God, you up there in heaven, You that are good...that no fingerprint of his touch remain on my skin!    
~just a random thought


  1. "Reflections of a song" that is my fav song by Amanda Miguel, also "Mi Buen Corazon". I am going to find the instrumental to He lied to me (El me mintio)and sing it! I was 14 yrs old when I first heard that song & looooved it! Your art work is simply amazing. You are very talented and blessed with a special gift...keep it up. The nameless one; first thing that came to me was "and life goes on". Sunflower is my fav flower :D. Cant wait to see more postings. Luuuuv ur page! Ms.J

  2. Happy to hear it took you back down memory lane! Thank you for the name suggestion on the Nameless Art I will consider it. Also thank you for sharing that Sunflower is your fav; I will see what I can do! Thank you Ms J for returning to my blog! P.S I am working on fixing the "Anonymous".

  3. I really dont know any songs. That pleasure of listening to radio(worldly)songs as it was said, was stripped away from me you both understand where this started. I didn't want to BURN in the flaming depth of HELL you know. I was not allowed to please my flesh that way. What other flesh am I supose to give peasure to? Huh?.... WOW! Might as well had me killed preacher! /:6 Been listening to that statement since I was eight years young untill almost thirty years young. But, not anymore! But, still suffering the after effect. It would have been GREAT to say to those preachers; Here I am in front of Jesuschrist and him saying to me; come here my child I want you to know that I LOVE YOU and you are VERY SPECIAL to ME. You are a free spirit and I gave you free will but because you broke the rules and regulations by singing, dancing and playing your guitar to the rythm of worldly songs that you chose to do... out of the free will that I gave to you, you are going to burn in the depth of the fiery flames of hell that I CREATED for the DEVIL and his DEMONS for ever and ever for the rest of eternity where the devil and his demons awaits to recieve you. As soon as my ears reached his words I am screaming from the top of my lungs trying to run and hide pleading for my life and crying not to allow this to happen. But instead with his gentle kind voice he says to me; remember that before I created you I loved you. I do LOVE you my child that is why I died in the cross to safe you from the desires that normaly comes with the flesh that I created myself. But you are not allowed to live under your fleshley desires and I won't go back on my word. I understand that you are very scared right now, so here come closer my child let me give you a hand I'll make it easier on you. He holds me in his arms puts me close to his chest and with his tears rolling down his BEAUTIFUL face kisses me oh so tenderly and he gently lets go of me into the depth of the fiery flames of hell. Anyway, enough of that for now. I'm so sorry but I just had to say somthing about this. I felt angry because I missed out on so many things when I was growing up! I just needed to vent thats all . I've never express myself in writing before. Thanks mi li'l sis for listening to your intuitive on your randomly thoughts on Reflections of a Song. I am very PROUD of you! And also thanks mi baby sis for sharing on how this is your fav song. But most of all that you are going to find the instrumental of the song and SING it. I can't wait to hear you sing it! You sho nuf have an AWSOME, BEAUTIFUL VOICE! You are so talented a GIFT from above! And I LOVE and ENJOY to hear you sing mi baby sis! You go girl! Even though I already know that sunflowers are your fav because you had express that to me before I am PROUD of you just for putting it out there! They sho nuf are BEAUTIFUL! I say! KEEP-ON-A-ROCKING and A-ROLLING! LOVE YOUS! ;*)


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