February 29, 2012

Special Delivery! A Sunflower for Ms J

This Sunflower is dedicated to Ms J for being the first to answer:
"What's your favorite flower?"  
See post Primavera! Spring is in the Air! and post your answer!
Little girl w/ pigtails took me back to happy yester-years when I called a special someone
"Shoe no me ve"

Enjoy your flower Ms J


  1. That's so very thoughtful of you. Been awhile since anyone has sent me flowers...had forgotten how nice it feels...Thanx!!! Amazing how a simple pic can take one back to a certain time in their life :D. ~Ms.J~

  2. In addition...I have to show my son this pic...for some reason he thinks I was never that young...LOL! Pic really does look like me back then :P ~Ms. J~


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