March 3, 2012

Hangin' w/ Da Neph!

Yesterday I posted a picture on my blog as well as on facebook of me holding two tickets to a hockey game I was off to with the neph.  This early Saturday morning as I sat with my laptop ready to post the previous night’s experience I glance at the clock and it read 6:00 A.M (yep I’m so a morning person). This gave me a clear mental thought of the neph saying “It’s Saturday! Who gets up before 11 or 12 on a Saturday Tia Nina!?” LOL!  His name is Malik and he is 16 years old.  He is grown to be a fine, intelligent, gentle, strong, kind-hearted young man. I could even hear the bewildered laugh behind his words at the thought of me getting up so early in the morning on a Saturday.  A gentle smile and warm sensation enveloped my heart to realize he still calls me “Tia Nina”.  Let me elaborate on this a bit further before I go one with last night's event.

Aside from being his aunt, I am also his proud Godmother.  So when he was a little boy, I tried to teach him to say “Tia Madrina” which by the way is Spanish for “Auntie Godmother” (only the words flow better in Spanish).  Anyway, I’d say “Tia Madrina” in syllables to simplify it for him and I have to say he was a very smart little boy, so he’d really put full effort to repeat what I said. No matter how many times I told him to say “Tia Madrina”, he’d pucker up his juicy plumb little lips and say “Tia Nina” every time! So I’d giggled in defeat and said “that’s close enough for me”. Bless his little heart. Hmmm…at this point, I’d like to state, at risk of putting myself out there for a good dose of sibling quarrel; that I’m his favorite aunt!  And hope he takes this into consideration when reading this post.  I love you Leeky weeky…OOPS!  I hope he forgives me for that one too!

Anyway, back to my posting of the previous night’s event.  I was sitting with my laptop looking at the picture of me growling in excitement, holding the two tickets to the hockey game, when I pondered upon if it really gives justice to the true emotions anchoring my heart that night.  I mean… Does it primarily reflect someone excited, for the most part, about a hockey game and just sharing it with the neph?  Or does it show a “Tia Madrina” excited about spending quality time with the neph?  Does it show the excitement of just wanting to make a fun- lasting memory with the neph?  Does it show she planned the night to show him how important he is to her and how much he is loved?  Does it show that these were the true emotions anchoring her heart that night?  Well, since it is me, it’s definitely not the first question stated!
Before I close, and post more pictures of the event, I want to remind all who read this post, how easy it is to unintentionally confine ourselves to the busy lifestyle sometimes demanded upon us by life.  And how because of the exhaustion, we may tend to forget about the real important things in our lives! 
So without the intention of
upsetting anyone or coming off as trying to tell people what to do come, I say ponder upon it & take assessment of what is important to you and ask yourself if you are doing right by it. I did and I realized, that to me, nothing is more important than to LOVE and show LOVE!
 W e had an exciting, wonderful
 time! Score 3-1 Mavericks! Yea!

Thank you 4 visiting my blog & sharing this precious moment with Me & Da Neph!





  1. Familia above!!! Hear felt memories that blossom flowers in our soul garden <3 This is awesome!!!

    1. WOW! I LOVE that you and mi PRECIOSO (Malik) spend that day 2gether! Tank you mi li'l sis! It warms up my heart! Malik will always treasure that moment. Not so much because of the hockey game but because he knows how MUCHO he is LOVED by his tia nina! To Malik in his precious heart all of his familia are very important. I remember when he was very little when he had some candy he would always separate some for his cousins. No one ever told him to do this. He is just very thoughtful. I am so privilidge to have him as my naphew! I am so thankful! I LOVE him so very MUCHO! And he LOVES me very MUCHO! P.S. Yes, so you are his favorate but I'm his favorate in that I always played with him in everything! Take that! lol Oh, and I sho nuff love them pics!


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