March 9, 2012

Day 2: "Exploring Friendship"

Friendship...hmmmm?  This question, if I can even refer to it as one at all, bled from "mi corazon" and leaked into my mind causing a gush of uneasy feelings. So, I decided to dissect and ponder over this uneasiness in hopes of discovering truth!  Here I go, as way far back as I can remember, I've always longed for a friend but, sadly have to say I've never experienced the true essence of least not to the depth of what I believed a true friendship to be.  So Feb 12, 2012 on day 2 of my quest for "self" truth, I applied myself to consciously honor and trust the inner voice that so articulately voiced itself and set me off on a venture through the realms of friendship unbeknown to me.

The word 'friend' is defined in the dictionary as "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard".  To me that leaves a pretty broad field of what a friend is. So I'm thinking is it really all about perception? Does or can someone make-up there own version of what true friendship really means?  I mean the definition practically scopes out anyone you have feelings "of affection" for...a sister, a brother, a parent, a neighbor, a co-worker, it could be anyone you hold dear in your heart. So, if I were to agree with the dictionary's term of what a friend is, then yes, I'd have to say I've had and have lots of friends!  I mean, I'm a very loving, caring and affectionate person and mutually share these sentiments with others. Does that constitute a moral friendship? I've had people come in and out of my life I've shared these sentiments with too. Does this apply to them as well? If it does, then I dare to differ! I dare to honor my soul and challenge myself and hold true to 'ME" because sad as it may sound, I have not shared this special & wondrous bond with anyone! I say this truly, whole-heartedly & without a doubt!  At least not to the depth I define a true friendship to be. To me it's a special bond shared with another formed by a mutual and non-judgemental, pure understanding respect and acceptance of each other's individuality, creating ties of loyalty and trust. 

I've had my share of life's harsh lashes whipped upon me since as early as childhood and all throughout my early adulthood years.  Unfortunately, life can be that way for many, if not for all; and sometimes these lashes can be overwhelmingly traumatic to a person leaving deep seeded scars that can take years to heal.  So it's no wonder one can lose themselves through these trials or dark journeys and wake up one day and say "who am I?"   It happened to me and let me tell you it didn't stop there; then came the years of learning to self-reflect, self-accept, self-forgive and self-love.  Through it all I had one constant that never failed, my never ending, ever-growing faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, my God.  My faith helped me embrace the trials that molded who I am today and MY greatest reward is like Celine Dion's song says "Now the greatest reward is the Love that I can give! I am here for you now for as long as I live!" I relate and am deeply touched every time I hear this song because it expresses exactly how I feel today. "So suddenly its clear to me things change, our future lies in here and now, we'd made it though some how".  I say, I made it through somehow and YOU will make it through somehow too! I truly believe that with all my heart! 
So reflecting back to friendship I'm's never to late! Here are some pics of how I spent my day exploring friendship with my friend Teresa (in Spanish) <inside joke between me and her.>  We started our day with a healthy breakfast at First Watch Daytime Cafe in Olathe. Although, I don't think we stuck to the "healthy" this time.
After our hearty breakfast, we decided to go to her house; which was nice because I got to meet her family including her dog Scruffy.  He is so adorable and cute! Look at them eyes! Awwwwww!
    Years ago walking down the street Teresa came across a man who asked her if she wanted a dog he was about to send to the pound.  Teresa loves dogs, so immediately she called her husband and asked "Can I bring a dog home for free?" to which Lonnie responded "Nothings free".  Teresa being who she is says"Okay, thank you, I'm bring him home".  She could here Lonnie saying "Whatever" as she hangs up the call.  Needless to say Teresa is a very caring person.  The dog she brought home that day became part of the family as well as becoming her "baby".  His name was Bear. After 13 years with her she had to put him to sleep due to age-related reasons. She told me putting him to sleep was one of the hardest things she'd ever witness and cares to never be part of something like that ever again. Bear meant so much to her, she has a special place in her home where she displays his keepsakes.
Teresa welcomed me into her home and after a nice and warm family visit, we headed to Sally's to pick up some girly stuff before heading to the movies.  I got me some more hair color (red of course), some shampoo and conditioner and ended up purchasing Sally's Reward Card.  I don't know what got into Teresa, among buying hair stuff for herself, she also bought some "colored" hair thingies, whatchamacallit... them clip-on hair extensions! Way to go Teresa!  I had a little fun with the picture of her at Sally's! Lol! Hope she doesn't get too mad at me!
After some fun at Sally's, we headed to the movies!  Teresa and I love to read.  One day during a conversation, we realized we both enjoyed reading detective stories.  I told her as a young girl I used to read Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys stories.  She introduced me to Janet Evanovich's "Stehanie Plum" book series about a lingerie salesgirl turned bounty hunter.  Well, it turned out that I loved the series.  One by one Teresa, who has the whole series collection, would bring me the books.  I began with book 1 "One for the Money", then book 2 "Two for the Dough" and so on.  Anyway, when we heard that book one was being released as movie with Katherine Heigl; we agreed to come see it together once its out!  And that is exactly what we did!
Yes, we wanted to watch the movie in comfort so we headed for the Fork & Screen!  We had a nice time chatting before the movies started and it seems that Teresa  & I have many things in common as far as movie & music genres; also we both enjoy reading.  This was our first "outing" together and we both look forward to many more. The movie had action and was funny, but we both agreed that now we can understand the statement "the book is much better than the movie!" Teresa loves bowling & is even in a  bowling team. Maybe that will be our next outing!  I will keep you posted!  Toodles!  SimplyyMayra

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  1. Aw Mayra... you guys are adorable. It must be wonderful being your friend...xx


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