March 4, 2012


Springtime is approaching and I'm excited! Springtime brings color to the world! The flowers begin to bloom and birds begin to sing. At least that's how I envision springtime. 
For instance these dresses to the left certainly scream out Spring!  At first glance some may or may not feel these dresses are too over the top and there is no way in hell they will get caught wearing's just not their style.  I may be one of them you never know...what do you think? Anyway ladies, I am all about confidence & attitude.  And I don't mean that nasty cocky rude attitude                                 
 I'm talking about that voice deep within saying "Come'on now gurl, you can do this!".  Unfortunately, many times when we sense it, instead of trusting it, we doubt it! In doing so we doubt ourselves! And when we doubt ourselves that's when we are vulnerable to letting fear take over! You may be saying "Fear?" "uhh uhh" I ain't scared of nothing".  LOL! I'm laughing at myself here, because as I'm writing I think back of how I lived life in fear for so many years without being consciously aware of it. That's right! Sometimes we don't see it for what it is; we've been conditioned with it for so long, its become a natural thing for us to do, sorta like breathing.  Answer this...have you ever been window shopping at the mall and seen an outfit that totally screamed out "Buy me! you know you love me?" (be honest now). And you may entertain the thought for a minute, then here comes along: the "self-talk".

If we actually STOPPED and consciously listen to what we're telling ourselves, we'd realize how badly we're mistreating ourselves! We'd realize we're our own culprit to the offense of emotional abuse! We're the victim of our own crime a/k/a negative "self-talk". The ever so "slick" negative talk we so cordially invite and let stay because it feels so familiar to us and has become second nature!  It brings some kind of comfort because we subdue to it and walk away from the very voice that initially screamed out for our attention! You know what I'm talking about! That very voice that's hungry for acceptance!  That's longing to live! That voice within! You know the one that's tugging at you and silently yells "go bake & open that bakery"..."go sing"..."go dance"..."go grab that guitar collecting dust in corner"..."go travel"..."go run that marathon"..."go open that restaurant"..."go open that boutique in Paris"..."go skydiving"..."go write that book"..." go back to school"  Yea, we all know that strong little voice we ignore. That divine, mysterious, ever empowering inner-voice, that ultimately just wants you to "accept yourself"..."give yourself worth"..."just do what YOU love"..."follow your passion"..."discover your dreams"..."discover yourself"..."love yourself"..."embrace yourself"..."honor your soul"..."live and just go and be YOU!  
I'd love to share this game I used to play with my daughters when they were little and at times we still do. At the end like I will invite you to play along.  The game went like this: we'd be window shopping at the mall on any given day. Then all of a sudden I would stop in front of a random store displaying at least three different sets of outfits.  I would ask my three girls to look at the outfits and choose one they feel best reflects who they are. I'd ask them to ponder upon it.  I wanted them to feel not just think. After a minute or two, I'd give them each their time to share why they chose that outfit. The baby... Oops! I did it again (I sawwy "/). Anyway, the youngest always pick outfits with hues of blue. She'd explain that she'd pick blue as her favorite color because why should it only be for boys! And she'd go on saying she does not like pink because its expected of her just because she's a girl! She wanted to make a statement! After prayer, she'd always say "Awoman" instead of "Amen". At school during physical activity, she'd run with the boys whistle instead of with the girls' head-start. She's the one I refer to as "Mz Oh Hell Nah!"  in the About section of my blog.  Now, the middle child could not just pick one complete outfit. She'd choose different elements from each outfit and make an outfit of her own. She's of a nonchalant disposition and always dressed her own way no matter what the trend was at the moment. She'd say her favorite color was hot-pink (not just pink), hot-pink, because pink for her girly side and the hot for her wild side. And shes the one I refer to as "Mz Whatev".  Which brings me to the eldest and then we'll play the game. Now my eldest would general pick "runway" fashion outfits, classy and sophisticated.  All had to be perfect and "matchy-matchy" with her. For a long time she was oblivious that practicably any color could be worn matched with jeans. Wearing brown or blue with jeans was inconceivable! She liked to wear grown-up clothes because they made her feel elegant. She like clean & perfect. As a little baby, she cleaned her own drool because she did not like dirty! She's the one I refer to as "Mz U Know Thatz Right!". Doesn't a mother know her children well! (notice I ended it with ! not ?) I've shared the game. Now, I invite YOU to...
I pulled down the display of the three outfits I used in my introduction, but added motivational lingo to help you stay focus on the objective. The object of this exercise is to choose an outfit that best reflects who YOU are by way of conscious"feeling" thru it rather than "thinking" thru it.  Push away any thoughts you may or may not have of what others have said about you; whether it's true or not. Remember its about tapping into your authentic self and no one knows YOU better than YOU. I suggest you ponder upon me it works. Don't be too quick to choose one. Observe & feel every aspect of the image: the outfits, the colors, the patterns, the accessories even the models. Observe, ponder, feel & experience the wonder! Personify the outfits into the natural vapors that ignite the very flames that sets fire to YOUR very own "KICK-ASS ATTITUDE".

Once you have finished the exercise and wish to share the experience and outfit of your choice, please feel free to do so via comment or email at I commend you for caring enough for yourself and taking time to honor your soul!


  1. This article made me laugh!!! Sooo true how we do this to ourselves! I actually had fun feeling each outfit out. At first it was difficult cause I am a mother so I incorporate a lot of stereo typed thoughts in my dress making decisions at times, but once focused I chose the 3rd outfit!!! It's very conservative, yet revealingly perfect in just the right areas. It speaks classic, yet flirty! A perfect balance for my personality I would say <3

  2. LMBO! The funniest part is that before you even brought up "the game" I chose what outfit I would find myself wearing. The most ironic part, I subconsciously chose the blue one!!! :) A very fun blog. Although fun and lively, there is a real important message taught within it. Everyone can relate to it! <3 Kudos.
    P.S I am not a baby!
    Your Youngest.

  3. At first sight I automatically picked the first outfit...but then I thought<<<(that's where it started, "THOUGHT")...hmmmm...I probably wouldn't look good in that top so I started to gear my thoughts to the 3rd outfit. By the time I finished reading everything...HELL NAH! I stick with my 1st choice...THE FIRST OUTFIT...BECAUSE I LOOK GOOD IN IT! I SHO'NUFF DO! Thanx SimplyyMayra for bringing me back to me on this one.

  4. lol how funny, I was already choosing which outfit of the three i liked before even reading the article and how funny you predicted exactly i would do! i really looked over them and pondered and i was torn between the first and third outfits. as a whole i decided i would choose to pick the first outfit because overall it's more my style of being bold and girly but sexy. but thinking about it i wasn't fully happy with it, so i decided if i could have it my way, i would choose the first top with the skirt and purse of the last outfit. :) so when i began reading the article and how you turned it into a game i thought it was funny how you knew i would mix the elements to make my own outfit. but hey, that's me! and i am who i be ;P

  5. I joined the "Dirty 30 Club" on February 22 and I feel like life began for me at 30! I have no regrets about this because I am SO BLESSED to have a 2nd chance to experience all that life has to offer. I am loving me more and loving who I am becoming. God has really been opening my eyes on a lot of things and how He's moving in my life. There are a lot of growing pains right now, but I love being 30, I love all that has happened, and DEFINITELY looking forward to every single day that's ahead! Learning to embrace this statement in every way: "I am who I am and loving every part of who I am" :-) That one was Mayra inspired!!! Thanks Mayra. Anyway my kick azz attitude is to feel confident in my own skin!! That way no matter what I have on it's gonna be kick azz because I make it kick azz!!! Guuuuuurrrrrlllll I shoooow nuff iaaahhhzzzz! :-)


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