March 1, 2012

Sweet Scent of Love at "Suite 300"

Happy Anniversay Rhonda!!!
It is always warming to the heart when you are surprised with long stem roses!...delivered to you at work!...from a handsome gentleman!...your loving husband!...on your Anniversary!...on your 28th year Anniversary!...with a card expressing how much he still loves you after all these years! Awww!

Rhonda is one of the newest members to arrive at "Suite 300".  But, when I saw the beautiful bouquet of red roses on her desk, well...I just couldn't resist!

Me: "It must feel so wonderful to be in love and walk on air." I sighed.

Rhonda: "If he thinks I'm cooking him dinner I'm not!" she giggled with a big smile revealing the contrary! 

Me: "How did you meet this sweet man?" I asked.

Rhonda: "It's a long story. I actually met him in High School. He was an upper classman. It wasn't until years later, out partying, when I ran into him. He asked me to dance and I continually turned him down. He said it was embarrasing because he was out with his boys. I ran into him again at this club called Crystal Palace, which no longer exists, and we exchanged numbers." she responded with a smile.

Me: "What has been the best thing about being married to your husband?"

Rhonda: "I can truly say he is a provider. I have never wanted for anything since I met him. He has taken very good care of me and my son and daughter. He is also very protective, supporting and caring. Most of all he is my friend." she proudly stated.

Me: "So tell me Rhonda, what advice or words of widom would you give to sustaining a long, loving and lasting relationship?".

Rhonda: "The most important thing above everything is to have faith in GOD. We attend church together; with faith comes trust, honesty and patience" she answered with confidence.

Me: "Okay, one last question. If you had to do it all over again, would you marry him?"

Rhonda: "Yes! I would marry him again" she answered with big loving smile & twinkle in her eyes.

Awww the Sweet Scent of Love. Thank you Rhonda for sharing it!

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  1. You see again...I would say that I love this article! I got a bit teary eyed. I am a sucker for LOVE, since its the only thing that keeps this world truly going. Happy Anniversary Rhonda <3


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