March 25, 2012

Apples & Caterpillar...huh???

Random Thought:  Okay, while meditating this morning, the words Apples and Caterpillar came into mind..."interesting!" I thought.  Hey wait!  Interesting???  NOT!!!  Actually I was baffled!  I a child I was really spooked by caterpillars and although I respect all living creatures, I'm waaay too happy to NOT have come across any caterpillars these days!  Thank God for that!  Yet,  here is one in my mind today.  "Why?" I asked myself.  Now, I'm a strong believer that there aren't coincidences, that things happen for a reason.  And that, if we are aware, there are signs all around us that may serve as a divine assistance in our journey...whatever that journey may be.  My journey, at this stage in my life, is the road to self-actualization...finding "my" authentic self and being true to who I am.

Through my "share" of years of adversities along with my never-ending faith to a higher power, I've learned that one of the important key factors to an "authentic self" is to TRUST that inner voice that often tugs & pokes at you "Hey you out there! Yea you! Listen to me!"  Yet, sadly we choose to ignore it often.  Another key factor is to honor your soul by embracing all thoughts and emotions even if sometimes you don't want to.  These days the voice that's so vigorously poking at me, is to follow my dreams!  To embrace that hunger that has gone unfed for so many years...the hunger to write! Wow, my eyes tear as I write this post.  Apples & Caterpillars...hmmmm.

Well, if I'm going to be honest and true to myself, I will confess that an insight is already lurking as to what this means to me.  So I will listen and honor my soul and go ponder upon this a bit more.  Who knows...these words just may be of a great significance to my book!!!

Tootles, Readers!


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  2. Love the blog, Myra! Not gonna lie, caterpillers pretty much creep me out most of the time...but me and nature don't get a long so

    1. Ms Kellerman, this is certainly a nice surprise! You truly touched my heart! You took time from your busy schedule to actually read my post AND comment! Wow...I am grateful! Geez...I really have to stop being so emotional! "/ Thanks! :)


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