March 8, 2012

Honoring My Soul By Honoring the Women in My Life!

International Women's Day...Celebrating Women's strength and the difference they make in our lives! Today I take a special moment to honor my Mother's strength (may she rest in peace). Also the strengths of the women in my daughters, my sisters, my tia, my primas and special friends! I love you! God Bless! ♥

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  1. Hi mi li'l sis! When I saw and read this post, "Happy International Women's Day", I felt worth as a woman and this makes me happy! Accepting my worth I feel with more ease that I can take any challenge that comes my way. Thank you for your postings! When doing so you are making the world a better place because you are giving a piece of yourself by giving of your time in posting these beautiful articles! This is an act of LOVE! I am proud of havin you as a sister and I love you! I appriciate your individuality and what you do! Thank you!


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