July 3, 2013

And This Month's Interviewee Is...

The main objective of my blog is to inspire and be inspired.  I love searching and finding inspiration in the simplest of things, in places unexpected and then writing stories about them provoking a chain reaction of inspiration, self-awareness, love, acceptance, spiritual awakening and empowerment!   Sometimes those stories can be our very own, that is why I also love sharing my personal stories, experiences, triumphs, challenges, tears and laughter in hope to touching and enriching some one's life for the better.

I believe that something magical and miraculous happens when we share our light with others. It just may very well brighten some one's darkness.   I love the way spiritual activist and author Marianne Williamson puts it better.  She states that "as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."  It is through this personal belief that my monthly feature of And This Month's Interviewee is....emerged!  My goal is to feature, every month, an interview in hopes that the underlying story behind it touches and enriches some one's life for the better.  We are not alone people, we all intertwine in the mysterious and magical energy of life!

Without further ado, this month's inspiring, fabulous, strong-willed, beautiful interviewee is...
What is your name & age?  My name is Sarah and I am 36.  I celebrated the 15th anniversary of my 21st birthday on June 18th!

Are you married? Children?  I am married to the mister, Steven who is also known as my Georgia Peach (he was born and raised in Georgia) and I have 3 rambunctious, beautiful boys.

Where did you grow up?  I was born in Wyoming and we moved to Arizona when I was 12.  I was raised in Yuma, Arizona (15 miles from the Mexican border) so I received a crash course in the Latino culture.  I grew to really appreciate and love the Latino community so much;  that is the one thing that I miss the most about Arizona.  I speak Spanish, salsa dance, and cook a mean authentic Mexican meal!

What is the extent of your family? Parents? Any siblings?  I have one brother and one sister and was raised by both of my parents.  I am EXTREMELY close to my mother, so much so that I moved to coastal Oregon to help her operate her business!  She is my best friend, confidante, and go-to girl.

As a little girl, what did you dream/aspire to be?  I always wanted to be a writer.  When I was in high school I wanted to be a foreign news correspondent and cover the wars and travel to other countries.  I also wanted to join the Peace Corp.

What were you like when you were a kid?  There were always more boys than girls in my neighborhood so I was a tomboy.  I loved to play in the dirt and preferred hot wheels over dolls.  My favorite thing to do outside was hunt for horned toads and lizards and then make them homes in my room;  my mother found one in my jewelry box once and FREAKED OUT! 

What was your favorite toy, game or pass-time as a child?  I was very studious and loved to read and write stories.  I always had a journal and a pen in my hand and thought that there was nothing that shouldn't be written down.  I loved Nancy Drew mysteries and Judy Blume was my favorite author.

How would you describe your childhood memories?  I have very fond memories of my childhood.  My parents taught us to entertain ourselves so I always had a very active imagination.  Our home was full of love and although my childhood wasn't perfect,  I am not a 'dweller'... focusing upon past pains and regrets only takes your attention away from more important things in life.  Our home was full of love and that is what is important.

Ever had an imaginary friend as a child?  If yes, please tell a little about it.  I didn't!  I always wanted one but could never create one.  :-(

Did you enjoy your high school years?  My underclassman years were a little awkward.  I was in the band and got incredibly good grades so I was a bit of a nerd (before it was cool).  Once I became a junior, I met my best friend and started the most remarkable life-long friendship that I could ask for.  I also found all sorts of shenanigans to get into!

Did your dream/aspiration as a child changed in high school?  If yes, how so?  No.  I always wanted to become a writer and that has continued all my life.  I started to write for the high school newspaper and even got a job as a high school correspondent for our local paper when I was a senior.

It is a blessing when one still has their Mother present in the life and even a greater blessing when they are your best friend!  What is it that you admire most about your Mother?  I admire so many things about my mother.  I think first and foremost I admire her love for others.  My mother loves swiftly, deeply, and truly.  When she loves somebody, she truly gives them her all.  I admire this so much.  I can tell my mother anything and I know that no matter what it is, it will never be enough to sway her feelings for me.  She has helped me through so much and has been so strong through it all.  She has had a lot of disappointments in the past but never lets those disappointments get in the way of her love for other human beings.  She says, "I just put my big girl panties on and deal with it!"  (She has a great sense of humor as well.)

I've heard of little girls aspiring to be princesses, ballerina dancers, cowboys, judges and even president of the world, but wanting to join the peace corp wins the cake.  You are something Sarah!  I'm almost afraid to ask, but tell me did this dream/aspiration ever become a reality?  I had to choose between two dreams.  At the same time that I was looking into joining the Peace Corp, I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest son.  I had to choose between being a mother and joining the Peace Corp;  I chose motherhood and will never regret it.  My oldest son is amazing.  He is thoughtful, respectful, and honorable and I couldn't be more proud of him.

I loved Nancy Drew mysteries too!  And the Hardy Boys.  Can't say I recall ever reading a Judy Blume book.  What was it about her books that made her your favorite author?  I loved Judy Blume because her books were so relatable to preteen girls.  She wrote about:  bullying, school, puberty, and boys... all incredibly important topics for a pre-pubescent girl!  (Check out Are You There God, It's Me Margaret... you won't regret it!)

Many grow up without having a perfect childhood and I agree that dwelling in the past does take attention away from the more important things in life.  Thank you for reminding us all of that Sarah.  I will add that it is also said that sometimes going back helps go one go forward. But, I'm curious to hear about your very active imagination as a child.  What are some of the ways you remember entertaining yourself as a child?  As a child I always had a journal.  I wrote all of my deepest, darkest secrets in it.  My journal knew who I was going to marry, how many children I was going to have, and what color my Ferrari was going to be!  I also enjoyed creating make believe worlds, reminiscent of The Labyrinth or Never Ending Story.  I would hide all around the neighborhood and use sticks to kill the goblins, avoid stepping on the stones that were in the Bog of Eternal Stench, and fly through the air on my magic unicorn!

Your blog name is one of the most interesting names I've come crossed in blogosphere.  How was "Enjoying the Epiphany"birthed?  Enjoying the Epiphany came about after an extremely painful divorce.  I was a single mother with three young boys, no self esteem, a full time job, and no friends.  I started opening myself up to the idea of possibilities;  I realized that Sarah was me, not a we, a wife, or a belonging... this was my epiphany.   I bonded with my boys and reinforced how much I loved them, I made friends from work and spent some quality "adult time", I travelled, and I learned to love myself for the first time in my life.  Sarah is a work in progress but she blossomed when she started Enjoying the Epiphany.

What would you say is Sarah's greatest challenge as she blossoms while Enjoying the Epiphany?  I think that my greatest challenge as I "blossom" while Enjoying the Epiphany is letting go of past hurts and forgiving those who hurt me.  I have a few relationships that have been badly damaged by differences in opinions and arguments and as my heart tells me that I need to rekindle these relationships, my head tells me that they are probably unhealthy at this time.

Where do you see yourself or where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?  I'd like to say that my book will be published in ten years.  I will still be living on the coast;  moving to the coast has really changed my life for the better.  I will be living in my little house, empty nesting it with my husband, sitting on the porch drinking tea!

What is your passion?  My true passion is and always has been writing.  I use my writing as an escape, release, and confidante.  Writing truly is therapy for me... and it saves me $100 an hour!

Bonus question I ask all interviewees:  If we lived in a world where money was non-existent and all our commodities and personal necessities were provided to live a healthy and happy life, how would you spend the rest of your living days?  I would probably be exactly where I am now.  I know that sounds crazy but I am really happy with my life right now.  I would really enjoy the financial stability of the situation however and would spend a lot of my time writing, taking pictures, and napping on the beach!
Wow! You are an inspiration Sarah!  Thank you very much for your desire to inspire and be inspired!  I feel I know you so much more and for that I am grateful.  You rock!

If you related or were inspired by Sarah and want to know more about her fabulosity, she blogs over at 
Enjoying the Epiphany.  I'm sure if you took a peek to say hello, she'd love and appreciate the love and support.


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