April 11, 2013

Recap-Walk Now For Autism Speaks!

Hola y'all!  Hope everyone is doing fine and dandy wherever in the world you may find yourself today.  Or like my eldest daughter says "as spiffy as your coffee".  As y'all know, on Sunday we had a Familia affair like no other and it was truly awesome!  The Miami hot weather could not keep us from this affair.  We did it in honor of our sweet, gentle little man Brenden whom we lovingly call Chumbi.  He is such a joy and I can't brag enough about how brilliant this little boy is.  He is 4 years old and falls into the spectrum of Autism.  In our hearts of all hearts we all know that he possesses the sacred secret of life.  He is a blessing to the Familia.  He is such a happy and peaceful little boy living in his own little world teasing us with glimpse of his pure love with his tender caresses, kisses and hugs.  I die in pure love when he cups my face in his little hands and hugs me ever so gently, a feeling I've never known until him.  He is my ray of sunshine bringing joy to my life.

This was our first event promoting Autism research.  There were so many fun events for the whole familia to enjoy. There was an array of tents lined up next to each other and scattered throughout the park offering resources to learn more about this disorder and offering help and assistance to the families who love someone with autism.  It was as if for those few hours we were bound by the same riveting energy with people we'd never met before, yet somehow knew.  Chumbi's mom, my eldest daughter, planned this event at the last minute, but we have already decided that next year we will be more prepared with our own tent and all.  Anyway, I'd love to share this special Familia affair with all you awesome peepz by way of pictures.  I took lots, lots of pictures!
Lots of fun activities for the Familia to enjoy!!!  
Like a petting zoo, bounce houses and so much more!
Beautiful handmade bows representing the Autism colors!  Lovingly made by Chumbi's mom.  My very own creative and talented daughter Shasha, who is a newbie blogger over at Shashack.  So go over and take a peek and show her some love and encouragement!  I'm sure she'd appreciate that!  
Gracias :)
After all the fun and mingling, time for the 2 mile walk!  
The Miami heat was sizzling, but it was a beautiful day.  
And so many people showed up to show their love and support.  
It really was a very empowering experience.
After the walk, the G-Kidz took in a little more fun!
An overall enjoyable day.  By the end, Chumbi was tired and ready to go home.  
Probably missing his iPad!
Thank you all for stopping by and sharing this incredible and special Familia Affair!



  1. Mother cohone!!! Its too early in day to be crying! Sheesh! I have read it like three times already. I guess it hits close to home for me. Thank u for all ur support always! this is yet another one of ur beautiful post. love the end it made me giggle! Xo love u

    1. Hola mi amorcito!
      Awwwww, I'm glad you enjoyed the read!


  2. This is a wonderful post and it looks like you had a good time at the event. I'm here today from the Make My Saturday Sweet blog hop.

    1. Thanks Rosey, we definitely had a great time! :)


  3. Wow Mayra. What a great event for Autism. Thanks for sharing

  4. I am so Blessed to have found your blog this past week. I feel your sweet, loving spirit through your blog. What a sweet family you have. Looks like it was a great day for everyone.


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