April 6, 2013

Walk Now for Autism Speaks - A Familia Affair!

Hola! Hope everyone is having a superdeeduperdee relaxing yet fun-filled weekend thus far.  As you all may know or may not, April is Autism Awareness Month.  My heart can never refuse partaking with any event involving a good cause.  I have avidly participated in many events such as marathons, bake sales, even a Pole Dancing Event which involved raising money for cancer and/or leukemia research.   Sunday morning (tomorrow) I am blessed, privileged and honored to participate in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks with mi Familia.  This event hits home deeply.  Meet my beautiful, gentle little man Brenden Shaun aka Chumbi.  He is 4 years old, my youngest G-Kid and my brightest ray of sunshine.
Every 11 minutes, another family receives the devastating news that their child has an autism spectrum disorder.  I'd love it if y'all will join me and mi Familia in spirit, mind and soul as we walk to change the future for all who struggle with autism!

Meet Team Brenden Shaun aka Chumbi

You could read more about Chumbi's story told by his own Mother (my Precious Treasure1) on her own blog Shashack, which by the way I gifted her few months back.  Let's share the love, support and inspiration!



  1. Catching up with my blog-following list - loved meeting your family here, and wishing you good luck on your up-coming walk for Autism. Hope your raise lots of funds in support of a really worthwhile cause.

  2. I'll be there in spirit for you tomorrow for sure. I've worked with many students with ASD and they are totally different in a totally brilliant way :)

    MHI is running a marathon tomorrow too - I'll dedicate that to you on his behalf ;)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  3. What a fabulous way to spend your Sunday! Sending you and your family lots of positive thoughts.
    Best of luck for your walk.


  4. Mother this was so nice of you to do. From the bottom of my corazoncito I love u & thank u for ur support!

  5. OMG, I love your blog and your topics! found you via a blog hop, think outside the blog. my little brother has autism too, he is high functioning and is 21 years old and in college now. we have had some struggles, but he is making it through. so glad you are able to do the walk! my blog: http://myeloquentrambles.blogspot.com/ please keep up the fantastic blog, defiantly a favorite!

  6. Hi Friend,
    I am doing an online Autism Awareness Campaign over on my side of the blogisphere. Awesome to see another writer on the topic.


  7. Aw I love it! Go team Chumbi!! :)


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