April 27, 2013

I Feel Myself Slipping Away...

As I sit here on my oversize comfy soothing armchair under the window 
in the corner of my quaint quiet cozy room,   
I feel myself slipping away...
   As I sit tapping my long restless fingers at the old familiar laptop, 
my soul awakens at the beauty of the quietness.  
and I feel the quietness around me...  
As my ears delight in the gentle rustling of the palm trees just outside my window and the soft melodic soundscapes coming from the music channel on the TV, my soul sighs.
and I feel the quietness inside of me...   
As my soul surrenders to the engulfing peacefulness of the quietness surrounding me,
 I feel myself slipping away...

A poem by SimplyyMayra


  1. Beautiful poem! It sounds absolutely heavenly! :)

  2. slipping away into peaceful bliss... Makes me want to listen to silence too!!! Love you Mom glad to see you felt good enough to write and share <3 xoxoxo


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