May 1, 2013

Five Things!

I was tagged!  My bella Amiga Cassie over at Dawn of the Dandelions tagged me in her Five Things post and I am tickled pink she did! (thanks for thinking of me Cassie).  Okay, Five Things about me you may or may not already know.  Well I am who I am!  Unedited. Stripped. I speak my truth and really don't give a hoot what others think, especially if my truth will serve as inspiration to someone.  So here are my Five Things, ready or not here I go!
I'm really not a TV watcher.  But, I do love watching American Idol.  I love the essence of following your dreams and winning!  I set it to record every week just to ensure I don't miss an episode. I even schedule it to record 5-10 minutes pass the scheduled end time in case the show runs overtime.  I'd love it if Candice wins, but I predict Angie will win.  She has the star-power in her eyes and reminds me of Miley Cyrus. See the resemblance?
I love dancing, especially salsa!  No matter how tired I am if I hear the beat, my soul just can't resist.  I really just enjoy dancing period.  Last year I had the interesting and fun opportunity to some pole dancing....for a good cause.  My pole dancing charm raised $$$ for the Leukemia Lymphoma foundation, so it was an awesome experience for me.  I'll be sharing the pictures soon in my next edition of 25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do: Dance, but here's a sneak peek...
I have PTSD stemming from a childhood trauma.  I lived oblivious to this condition for so many, many years not understanding why I was feeling the way I was.  But, with years of therapy I got through it.  I got to see the light after the darkness.  I am told I will always have PTSD due to the severity of the trauma.  And although the majority of the time I am free of it, there are certain things or situations that may still trigger it.  Only now, I am able to recognize and feel when it creeps up at me.  So I no longer surrender to it's gnarling grip and allow it to crush me.  Instead I embrace myself whole-heartily, loving and accepting myself completely... flaws and all!  I choose to see my world in colors...bright colors...down to my shoes!
I have an exquisite sensitivity to other peoples feelings. I always have, all my life.  Because of this some people may interpret my over the top expressions as being a "drama queen", but I assure I'm not.  I pay no mind to it.  I just let those people think what they want to think because they're gonna think what they think anyway.  I know I'm no drama queen.  I'm just a hard softy...ya know emotional.  I feel things deeply and am not afraid to show how I feel.  All my life people have just felt at ease coming up to me and opening up and sharing.  I listen and I feel them.  Even strangers have come up to me and have shared the most personal of things with me.  They leave saying that somehow my understanding disposition made them feel better after sharing.  I accept my exquisite sensitivity to other peoples feelings and my "drama queen" tendencies as a 
blessing because at the end it all boils down to serving and helping others.
Hmmmm, one more thing to complete the Five Things. What else can I say about me.  Let's see.  Is there anything special happening this Saturday?  Ah....yea!  It's my birthday!  It's my birthday!  This Saturday is my birthday!  Yaaay!  How old you ask?  I prefer to ask how young?  Well, let's see.  I could probably be a Mother to most of you!  As a matter of love, probably even a G-Mom to your kidz.   Let me say this, when I first started blogging I felt kinda like outta place at know, me being so "young up in years" vs all you "young down in years".  At times I was uncomfortable publishing post that revealed my wacky self, wondering if I look ridiculous being who I am.  You see this is the thing, I STILL feel young and vibrant inside!  The way I see it is that I've just grown wiser...not older.  Sooooo, in keeping true to who I am and also in honor to my soul I will share my age.  Here is a picture of me last year on my birthday being the Queen I am, wearing my crown with pride and all! 
Now it's your turn to play!  I will leave it open for everyone to join in!  I tag YOU!  
Tag you're it!



  1. I'm always thinking of you!! You're so awesome all the time and your cheerfulness (plus the rest of your fabulous emotions =D) make me smile.

    Pole dancing for a fundraiser? I can't wait to see more. I'm sure you'll tell us how awesome you did and how much fun it was! Totally jealous btw.

    And there is no way that the age on the crown from last year is right. You are so much younger than that!! I had you pegged to be early 40's MAX.

    Keep being a sweetheart! The world needs more women like you!

    1. Hola Cassie!
      Awwww, you are so sweet! You really pegged me as early 40's? Love it!

      ~SimplyyMayra :)

  2. You are always awesome and looking good, and love your pair of shoes.

  3. Cassie is so right! I agree with everything she have stated! When I saw the crown, I said to myself, mi li'l sis looks soooo good! She does not look 50! But I already knew this. And the fact that you ARE young at heart! In wich you have expressed this in the past. And the people that know you can vouch on this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mi li'l sis!!!! Have a WONDERFUL DAY and ALWAYS!!!! I LOVE YOU and miss you lots!!!!!


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