May 10, 2013

A Blessed Birthday Weekend Recap!

Hola!  This past Saturday was my birthday and what a wonderful birthday weekend it was!  I started the celebration early on Friday with a mani and deluxe spa pedi in my fave color.  Friday night I rested my head to sleep a bit worried if I would see my daughters on Saturday (actual bday).  You see I live about 40 miles away from them and I knew that my eldest had a busy schedule ahead with clients being prom night and all.....she's a make-up artist and hair stylist.  And I also knew my youngest had a day full of surprises for her  boyfriend who just so happens to share the same birthday as me...go figure.

So anyway, I went to sleep contemplating perhaps spending the day pampering my self.  Ya know massage, shopping, lunch at the mall, more shopping, maybe take in a movie, when a ringing startles me from my sleep.  It was my cell phone, so I rolled over and reached out for my phone on the night table only to realize it was freakin' shortly after 6 in the morning!!!  I thought maybe it was someone calling to wish me a happy birthday, but noticed it was the front gate entrance (I live in a gated community) calling me. Now I was irked because people have rung before trying to get in, therefore my initial intent was to ignore the call, but boy was I glad I didn't!  I picked up and to my surprise it was the sweet voices of my daughters' on the other end saying "Mom, let us in!"  Did my heart skip a beat!?

Nope, it sure didn't.  It skipped a multiplicity of beats!!!  I jumped up so fast from the bed as high as I could in all darkness, pulled the pj pants from the drawer and grabbed a t-shirt (yep I sleep in undies people).  I couldn't run fast enough to the door to embrace the most beautiful gift God has ever bestowed on daughters!  For a split second I wished it would have been all 3 of them, but hey , the other one resides in the Midwest and she did text me at midnight, so I was in bliss either way.  When I held them in my was perfection!  First, a Cuban style breakfast!!!
Then packed and headed south for the weekend at my daughter's for a small birthday gathering!  It was also Danny's birthday, my youngest daughter's boyfriend, so it was totally a fun day!
Some very special heartfelt gifts from the daughters!  Gifts for the soul from my youngest!!!  
A zebra butterfly adopted in my name with a planned excursion to the butterfly garden from the eldest...can't wait!  They know me so well.
I have a drawing of a zebra butterfly I just so happened to draw many years ago.
A snack-package from the son-in-law....he is so sweet!!! 
Know how to keep me on his good side...just kidding, I love him! 
Awww, yes!  And there was my deluxe pedicure polished with my favorite color!  
Perfect for the month of May!
Overall, a grand birthday weekend!!!  Although my other daughter was not able to be with me (lives in the Midwest) she was definitely with me in spirit!!!  
Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing y'all a blessed and happy Mother's Day weekend!!!



  1. Your family is so adorably awesome! I'm glad you had a great birthday!!!

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  3. Looks like it was a really great day - Happy Birthday and Mother's Day together! Pretty toe nail polish!


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