October 19, 2012

My Friday's Letters...

Dear God:  As always, you are on top of my pyramid!  Thank you for your undying loyalty and love.  I also know it is you speaking and guiding me thru nature, I hear the whispers...thanks for that too!  You are awesome!

Dear Zara:  You have such a beautiful and tender spirit full of life!  Please, please, please DO NOT give up on yourself!

Dear Shaun:  You are so much stronger than you believe you are!  And I don't mean "muscle" strong.  You can do this!

Dear MyBritney:  Happy 10th Birthday!  Today is our day to capture memories!  Can't wait!

Dear Malik:  I miss you soooo much!  Don't ever let go of your dreams!  I can hear it already "the new and rising young talented lyricist Cash Money M.J is rapidly climbing the charts! I love you!

Dear Precious Treasure3:  Trust your inner voice...siempre! always! I love you and am always here!

Dear Precious Treasure2:  Thank you for coming down from Kansas for a visit.  It is so nice to have you here with us, even if it is only for 8 days!  I love you!

Dear Precious Treasure1:  You are blooming into a beautiful woman and mother.  I am very Proud of you!  Continue embracing yourself!  I love you!

Dear GFC New Found Readers:  Thank you so much for the love and support!  I appreciate YOU!!! You guyz keep me going!

Dear Anna Renee:  Yea you!  Thanks for all your help and patience...you surely are a chic geek ;)

Dear Ashley:  You know who you are. Thank you for starting these Friday's Letters and then opening the platform for all to partake and share.  I appreciate YOU!  P.s...I LOVE the new button!!! : D

Dear World:  Let's remember to respect one another, support one another and love one another!

Dear mi familia:  It does take a village!  We are our best support system!  Let's get busy!  UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! 

Dear God:  p.s...I make a special plea for mi familia.  I let go and I let YOU!

Dear Self:  Remember this:  "Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles" ~Alex Karra

Dear Readers:  Keep being as awesome as you all are!  Thank you for your love and support! Love you guyz....mucho, mucho, mucho!  A BIG special Kiss to y'all! Muah!

Wishing all a wonderful, wacky, whimsical weekend!




  1. Just wanted to give you a huge shout out for being my 100th follower :)
    I hope you have a great day!


  2. Hi Lovely!

    You inspire me so!

    Have a lovely weekend,


  3. I admire your positive attitude and your trust in God.

  4. New follower from Operation Fabulous! Love the blog!!


  5. What a beautiful post!! So heartfelt & inspiring. Have a blessed weekend


  6. Hi! New follower from the Mingle! Look forward to reading more.


  7. I have seen this post before and I loved it. I think I have to start this on my blog. Is there a specific formula to follow? Mingling via Monday Mingle.

  8. New follower from Mom's Monday Mingle. Thanks for co-hosting.

  9. I love this kind of posts! I think I will start posting them too... I'm your newest follower from the GFC hop, thanks for hosting :) My blog is about my creations: bracelets, necklaces, earrings and crafts. I also love fashion scrapbooking and Pinterest! I see you're a latina!! Holaaaa! Yo tambien! Where are you from? I'm from Puerto Rico. Saludos!


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