October 31, 2012

Let's Talk Financial Chic!

Hola Readers, Friends and peek-a-boo-ers!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic grip at life!  Today I am excited to be partaking in a sort of talk show series called Couch Talk by Vanisha of Vanisha's Life in...Australia and co-hosted by none other than Helen of Eat.Enjoy.Live.  Vanisha is simply trialing the couch talk series this year and exploring possible ways to run it next year.  I like the way Helen put it "A little like a coffee date and a little like vino with friends."  When I heard about it, well, if you know me, I just couldn't help but want to help out.  So, I'm giving it a good old college try!

The theme for this month's Couch Talk is Financial Chic!  Which comes well in sync with my present situation.  I am unemployed!  Wait!  Let me rewind.  Three years ago I moved to Kansas from Miami, Florida for a much needed tranquil adventure.  I was blessed with an awesome job working for one of the most prestigious and leading hospitals in Kansas, I became an empty-nester with new found free time on my hands.  I lived in a cozy 2-bedroom apartment in a beautiful and peaceful community. Had my own room, own bathroom and my own BIG walk in closet housing my zillion pairs of shoes!  Okay, I'm exaggerating there a little...million pairs of shoes!  Life was grand other than not having all my 3 daughters living in the same state.  Only one daughter lived with me in Kansas, the other two in Miami.  But, fortunately I was able to travel once a year to Miami to visit and play with the G-kidz.  Life was good.  I started my blog, I would take long walks, I meditated, I'd go antique shopping, I'd run, I even tried vegan-ism.  Which was wonderful.  I was energized and feeling healthy.  I was perfectly happy, okay I'm lying, I wasn't perfectly happy, but I was happy.

BUT, about 2 months ago life unexpectedly knocked on my door and said "Hey Mayra, your time here in Kansas is done! Time to go back home!".  Believe me you, when life knocked on my door and telling me it was time for me to leave my secure good paying job, my comfy home, my precious treasure2 (middle daughter), I scratched my head and said Whaaat?? Watcha talkin' bout Willis??   Trust me, all this will work right into the whole theme of  Financial Chic!  I promise. Just bare with me. Gracias ;)

Anyhoo, my daughters expressed how much they needed me, especially my youngest who is still in school at the University and there was no way I was going to say no to my most precious treasures.  Yes, sirree!  The Motherly strings strummed hard at my heart so, I turned in my letter of resignation at work, sold what I could of my furniture and relocated from Kansas back home to beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida!  It was a bitter-sweet decision.  My move was a drastic change.  From empty nest to full nest (again); from my space to shared space; from quiet mornings to loud mornings; from "me" time to absolutely none!  From a very good job to no job!  I am unemployed!  It was all unexpected!

Fortunately, I learned early on to be financially chic (smooth transition, huh?) toldya ;)

Ever since I was a young girl, I learned to save money.  I owe this learned lesson to my father who worked hard and saved every penny possible as the sole provider to my Mother, my 3 sisters and myself.  He would always tell us to put aside at least 10-20 percent of our income aside for rainy days.  I am grateful I developed this very good habit early on because it became a natural thing for me to do.  No matter how little I had, I always put something aside.  

So how much should you save for a rainy day or for an unexpected knock on the door from life?   

Experts say you should have a "savings fund large enough to cover at least 3-6 months of your expenses".  They strongly suggest you aim for 6 months.  With today's massive online access to shopping and how easy the Internet makes it, one can lose sight and get into deep debt.  I personally keep away from online shopping.  As a matter of fact, I have NO credit cards whatsoever.   If I cannot purchase it with cash then I should not be buying it.  That's another principle my father taught my sisters and I...no cash, no buy. 

Although at times I may get anxious because the right job hasn't come along, I am fortunate that I took steps to save for a rainy day.  I can also feel at ease while seeking and waiting for the right job to come along.  I have been at both ends of the stick.  I have had money and I have had no money.  And I personally prefer to save money for the unexpected ventures.  I did some research and came across 7 Ways to Sock Away Emergency Cash.  I encourage you all to check it out to learn more about being financially chic.  

I really enjoyed participating with Vanisha and Helen and I thank them for having me.  And as always, it makes me superdeeduperdee happy when you guys stop by to visit.  Do you have a "financial chic" story you'd like to share?  Tell me about it.  Or perhaps you have a "non-financial chic" story.  Tell me about it too!  After all, it's all about inspiring and being inspired!



  1. Mayra i wish you the best for the new job! I hope you are getting it soon. I agree ... financial savvy is a MUST to have life skill. all the best my friend.

  2. Thanks for linking up lovely :)

  3. Totally true about saving money from each check. I do this all the time and it was the reason I was able to take a little extra time off with my maternity leave. Sure, I didn't get paid for it, but since I was home, all that needed to be paid were baby things, food and a couple of bills. Now I'm back at work and it worked out great!

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  5. When I was studying at uni I ended up in quite a bit of debt (don't we all??) and then once becoming preggo a year after graduating I got into gear and paid off all my debt! SO glad I can now take a year off work to be with my son because I have no financial obligations :) thanks for sharing your story & thanks for linking up to Followers to Friends this week, I hope you made some new bloggy friends :)
    Happy Halloween x

    P.S. Shabby Apple are giving away a dress on my blog if you want to enter! www.sweetpeasylvie.com/2012/11/im-stylish-breastfeeding-mama-shabby.html


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