May 7, 2012

The Whispers at Joe's Morning Cafe

Buenos Dias/Good Morning! Welcome to Joe's Morning Cafe.....where.....

everyone knows your name! Where judgement, belief, color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, size or age ceases to exist! Where only LOVE exists because only LOVE is real!
Don't hesitate. Feel at home. Stay a while, choose your favorite coffee cup! 
There's one I know you'd surely love!   Kick back and have a seat, even pull up your tired feet!   There's even a foot stool sure to please!

Go ahead relax and enjoy the Aroma of....

Chocolate Raspberry Love, Blueberry Cream Acceptance, Coconut Cream Peace, are you smiling please?   How about Cream Brulee Kindness, Almond Toffee Smiles, sure to make your time worthwhile!   Then how about Pumpkin Spice Hugs, French Vanilla Kisses or the always available Tickle Chocolate Smores, oh but there's surely so much more!

Now that you've made your selection, it's time to pay attention. Time to quench your soul's dry thirst by accepting YOURSELF first!  Here are this week's whispers coming now your way, simplyy hear which one softly hums at YOU today.....

~Love will soften even the hardest of hearts. Father, with Your help I will see the lovable part of each person that I meet.
~Your spirit is divine, but your personality is human. As you purify your personality, you will achieve a joy of which you could not imagine. Lord, teach me to think, to speak, to do, and to live right so that I may receive the power of your forgiveness.
~Prayer is good for the soul. It heals, sustains and lifts you. Lord, as I pray, show me more and more Your power as it moves through me and through everything that affects me.
~Regret is a waste of time. Be grateful for all of your past. It is life's lesson. Lord, teach me so that I may live today completely.
~Do not allow your experiences to be what happens to you, but rather what you do with what happens. Lord, grant me the wisdom that I need to make my life count.
~Do not base your security on something that can be taken away from you. Look within. God has given you all that you need.
~If you put God first in your life, you will always have time for Him and more than enough time for all of the other things. Lord, I will start and end each day with Your name.
Now that you've chosen your own sweet whisper, go on and enjoy your day.   But if you should find yourself astray and feel you'll fall apart, remember to trust the whisper now in your heart!  Ponder upon it along the day, it'll give you the strength to find your way!
Every week, at Joe's Morning Cafe, seven whispers will be provided.  Although the initial intention was to apply one for each day of the week, it may be applied once a week as well.  Whatever works best for YOU.  The real intention is to try to choose which one best "feels" out to YOU that day. Then, absorb it, ponder over it, mediate on it, exercise it, try it, live it, be it and you will discover amazing things.   You will discover the wonder in ponder and discover new things about YOURSELF each day.   You WILL inspire and be inspired!  
As always, I too, along you, will par-take in this fun adventure of self-discovery!   So, lets get to it!Which coffee cup did you choose?  What coffee aroma aroused your senses?   Which foot-stool was your favorite?   Which whisper softly hummed out at you today?   Why this particular whisper?  Remember to always be true to YOU!
As always, thank you for your visit.  Don't forget to share your choice of cup, foot-stool, coffee and of course, YOUR whisper of the day!   Your thoughts, views, suggestions and comments are highly suggested and always, always welcome. Be sure to visit again next week for more of The Whispers at Joe's Morning Cafe!

and of course
Keep coming back for more Inspire and be Inspired!



  1. I LOVE to smile so I choose the bright yellow smiley-face coffee cup! Had a tad of a tug-of-war with the aroma flavors of Almond Toffee Smiles and Coconut Cream Peace but finally chose the Almond Toffee Smiles to keep the flow of the "smiles" going! And of course, being an artist, I chose the "Art is Life" foot-stool to rest my tired feet on. As to the whispers, wow, a few of them hummed out at me today! Like for example the one about "regret is a waste of time be grateful for your past" and the one about "granting wisdom to making my life count", but I'd have to say the one that hummed the loudest and the one I felt the most was "If you put God first in your life, you will always have time for Him and more than enough time for all of the other things. Lord, I will start and end each day with Your name" Why this particular whisper? Well, because I remember not too long ago, there was a time where I'd faithfully start/end each and every of MY days in God's name. Literally, before I even got out of my bed in the early mornings or lay my head to rest at nights, I'd sit up on my bed and would take the time to meditate in His name. Also, at work, I'd dedicate my first 15 minute break, every day, for meditation. I remember feeling great and energized and having plenty of time to do the things I loved and enjoyed! Like spending time with my family, going out for walks, going out for breakfast, going antique shopping, visiting my favorite book store or just staying home resting on my comfy sofa reading a good book. But, these days, although I do LOVE and ENJOY my blog, I've gotten extremely busy with so many blog projects, that I find myself applying any and all spare time to working on these projects. Even today, the very first thing I did was sit up on my bed and get on my laptop to work on publishing this weeks post. I haven't even gone to pee. Somehow I've allowed myself to neglect the very source that's ALWAYS been there and ALWAYS is there keeping me going and enriching my life more and more each day...God! The very source that has motivated me to hang on thru the toughest of times! The very source that inspired me to begin my blog, PonderWonders, in the first place, even giving me the name...God! The very source that continues to motivate and inspire me to serve everyday. The very source that blesses me, loves me no matter what, accepts me for who I am, just as I am...God! The very source that thru this very exercise has just made me realize that in neglecting Him I neglect myself because in Him I walk, I breathe and Am my being! Simplyy, because He IS within! He lives in ME! God lives in ME! So in neglecting Him I neglect myself! I can still do all the things I love to do including my blog and all the projects, I just have to get back to putting MYSELF first! Which means I will go back to keeping God first in my life! Thank you Lord for the many ways You speak to us. Thank You for the whispers!

  2. I like the cup full of kisses (lips)...i think its sassy, like me, and I will fill'er up with PUMPKIN SPICE HUGS because I looove me some pumpkin pie (raw that is) it brings me a cozy, warm, loving feeling inside....mmmmm I can smell it now (drool). For the foot stools i pick the zebra print as well as the multi bright colored round one below it...i just loooove bright colors and the exoticness of the zebra print....rrrrrraaaaarrrr, lol! For the quotes i'm feeling the "~Prayer is good for the soul. It heals, sustains and lifts you. Lord, as I pray, show me more and more Your power as it moves through me and through everything that affects me"...because when I meditate I do experience that connection with my higher power within and it does lift me, moves through me and heals me :D...combing that with eating raw cruelty free foods and it's all AMAZING!!!! Ms.J

    1. Thanks for stopping by and voicing your thoughts. A big pumpkin spice hug back at ya! Tootles!

      (sorry for the delay, I am so behind)

  3. I chose the 3rd cup on the 1st row. It has a nice black & red heart in a shape form that I like & the little hearts & their colors, my eyes just opened when I saw that particular one! I chose the rainbow colored classic looking foot stool. It made me feel classy & brightly chic with colors!!! Next I chose Chocolate Raspberry Love.... ahhhhhh You see since this morning THE word "LOVE" has been whispering to me even without reading the BLOG.Through the music that I was listening to which was There is LOVE by Chris Tomlin, then Unfailing LOVE played after that.It is because of the whisper of LOVE that I came to make the time to do this. I know this will be the best start to my day <3 The whisper that obviously shouted out in me ear & most in my heart was "LOVE WILL SOFTEN EVEN THE HARDEST OF HEARTS. FATHER, WITH YOUR HELP I WILL SEE THE LOVABLE PART OF EACH PERSON THAT I MEET" I felt this one because I am struggling with this in my life right now. I have been making connections that because of what I went through growing up, subconsciously I may have felt unloved....& still feel unloved. Even though there is LOVE all around me! I have such wonderful children & such great sisters!!! I have a beautiful family. I will go on ahead & ponder on this one!!! I will go & hug my kids now before school & give my husband a great big kiss on his way out to work. I will say it again!!!"LOVE WILL SOFTEN EVEN THE HARDEST OF HEARTS. FATHER, WITH YOUR HELP I WILL SEE THE LOVABLE PART OF EACH PERSON THAT I MEET" In JESUS name I pray AMEN!!! <3

    1. I am happy you are making you are working on yourself; keep up the good work. You have a beautiful heart so there is no doubt in my mind you will get through it!

      (sorry for the delay in responding)

  4. Ok well let me start off with, that this will be the second attempt for me to post this comment. However, the reason why I mention it is cause I am big firm believer that nothing is coincidence. I feel it was meant for me to write the comment at this moment after everything that has happened to me from this morning up til now. To start from the beginning....I have recently started to meditate. Opening all these new doors in my mind, heart & soul. I have started to learn more about my TRUE self & well its been a pretty adventurous journey so far! With that said...there have been many signs or rather "whispers" that I am now coming to trust & accept! It's truly Ironic in such a certain way that this morning I woke up with the longing for LOVE... I woke up did my normal routine & decided to play some Chris Tomlin on shuffle while I go on about. Each song was pertaining to LOVE, HIS LOVE, THE LOVE FOR MYSELF, HIS UNFAILING LOVE..mind you my list is on shuffle. Anyhoot, since I don't believe in coincidences, I decided to go on the BLOG & see what Joe's Morning Cafe had in store for me!!! Sooooooo I chose the 3rd mug on the top shelf! Something about the hearts & the colors & the shapes, my eyes just felt excited when I saw this MUG. I then pulled up the rainbow colored classical antique foot stool to rest my freshly pedicured (done by me!!) feet!!!! I chose that foot stool cause I feel it best represents my attitude full of colors & style classic yet chic. ahhhhhh then I come to the aroma of the sweet scent of chocolate raspberry LOVE. Which is such a "coincidence" ;);) LOL that I just recently discovered that those 2 flavors together are amazing!!! Sooooooo now on to my whisper!!! YEP!!! It shouted out to my ear in my heart.... "Love will soften even the hardest of hearts. Father, with Your help I will see the lovable part of each person that I meet." I feel that this comment was meant for me to write now cause after all the chaos of taking the children to school & coming back to get ready to take Brenden to his therapies, I made the time to meditate for 10 mins about this whisper....wowsers!!!! Have I made a connection. Put to you like this!!! I saw myself at 12 all over again!!! I cried & I made a connection to my oldest daughter Britney & I just can't wait for her to come home so I can hug her ever sooooooo tightly & kiss her whole preciously lit by the sun smiled face <3 I want to shout to her that I LOVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I will eagerly now continue the rest of the week in ponder & OH BOY can I not wait to share what I come up to NEXT!!! I feel refreshed like a good ol' glass of freshly cold water!!! ahhhhhh Ttyls, xoxoxo

  5. OK so to Ms.ZRAFAEL123...I am in tears reading both your comments, literally. I can barely see the words from my eyes welling up with tears so had to go back a few times to continue to read. My tears are from, both, Joy and Pain. I am so proud of you and admire your strength, honesty and courage. "We all have stories to tell, stories that provide wisdom about the journey of life. What more have we to give one another than our 'truth' about our human adventure as honestly and as openly as we know how?". Rabi Saul Rubin.

  6. As my coffee mug, I chose the last cup with the big heart and lettering. It is simple and clean and I like that. For the foot stools, I did not find one that exceptionally caught my attention; however, I decided to go with the zebra, if not the "art is life" stool. They are very different stools, but I like them both for the same reason: they make a statement. Zebra print is only made up of black and white stripes, yet it is one of the boldest patterns. The "Art is Life" stool appears urban, homemade, original, and ruged. When I break up the stools into personalities like this, these are the two that fit me. The aroma scent that caught my attention was Blueberry Cream Acceptance. Ironically, I actually dislike the taste of blueberries, however I do not feel it is a coincidence that this is the scent I smelled through the air as I read through the blog. Finally, the whisper of my choice is: "Do not allow your experiences to be what happens to you, but rather what you do with what happens. Lord, grant me the wisdom that I need to make my life count." At first I was leaning to choose the third whisper, then the second to last, but i felt this one was a bit of both. It explains how I want the Lord to help guide me so others accept me but most importantly have me accept myself. I have realized sometime ago that, although my pains may be deep and wounds may leave scars, my past is what makes me whom I am today. This whole time, I have been battling and molding againt the world, when I needed to look at the world as it molds to me. I have so many ambitions and what I have always wanted was to make my life count. This whisper gives me an extra thought to include in my everyday prayers. Thank you.

    1. I had to read your thoughts 3 times! I am so very proud of you, you are an amazing young lady mi amorcito lindo! I love you!

  7. Soooooooo!!!!!!???? Well there be any more sweet scents by Joe!!!???

    1. I have been falling behind in responding to the comments, after reading these comments I feel "Joe Morning's Cafe" is a keeper! I will get on it! Thanks for stopping by! Love you!


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