May 27, 2012

A Silent Solace Cry of Phire Pain

I love it when, without searching...POOF!!!  Something captures my eyes.  My heart is stimulated.  Time stands still.  And the pumping of the heart agitates an invasion of goose-bumps covering my entire body from head to toe.  When this happens, I know I've been inspired!  And when I'm inspired, I can't help but feel this peaceful knowing-sense of responsibility to share the inspiration.  The world is full of inspiration, it's all around us.  A cat's or dog's hungry tender gaze; a crying babies sigh of relief in finding comfort in it's mother's arms, a kind shout-out "can I call someone for you?" to a stranded roadside fellow human; the flowers, the trees, the warmth of the sun, the pitter-pattering sound of the rain.  If we are willing to acknowledge and accept this fascinating fact and choose to at least be consciously in-tune to it, you will sense it too.  Yesterday morning my inspiration was Phire White's silent cry of pain for the loss of her Grandma.  Was she next to me or in the same room with me?  No, as a matter of fact, I've never even met Phire White.  All I do know of her is when she was living here in Kansas, she worked with one of my sisters.  So about a month or two ago, I befriended her thru Facebook and she accepted.  And this Saturday morning, distance had no barring between Phire White and I, as a matter of love, my heart heard her silent cry of pain loud and clear.  And that is inspiration!  Here is Phire's words of solace...

I can't help but recall God's timing...the perfection that he keeps reminding me of
I can't help but remember that I wasn't there when your number was called my dear brother nor yours my beautiful mother, so,
I can't help recall the timing entangled with the loss of it all
I can't help but believe God knew I would not be there for your call home either Grandma so he
isolated me today in preparation knowing how I respond...inwardly...specifically to trauma and
personal tragedy
I can't help but see this all spiritually, because I've been in this place a time or two before
so I can't help but know that prayers and soul tie travel to places where the human eye can't see..the
place between the body and the eternal heavenly gates
I can't help but trust God to be carrying you right now
I can't help but know that at the sound of his voice, you will turn toward him forever
I can't help but smile at the thought of those who await you, countless loved ones who have gone
before now prepare for you
I can't help but see Grandpa, Mr. Kenneth, all your brothers, your sisters, friends, cousins, your oldest
daughter and even your oldest boy grandchild are talking to the angels about you making sure that  your end sees no suffering
I can't help but wait to see your face one final time
and I can't help but remember that I don't have to do so to be able to say good-bye
I can't help but cry as I sit here typing this to you
I can't help but praise God for a life yoked together with you
I can't help but know that all this was his determined plan
And I can't help but knowing, your pain will soon be over and God himself now holds your hand
I can't help but honor the race you ran for life
And although I can't feel at this very moment, I can't help but know that every thing is going to be
No, I couldn't help it even if I wanted to
So I put down my will and let the will of God ensue
I love you. Rest well. Suffer no more.
Peace...Be still.

There you have Saturday morning's POOF of inspiration with Phire.  I love life!  I love living life!  I always try to live consciously in "constant awareness" of the whispers and signs that are out there helping to guide us through life's journey.  Those who know me can vouch that my camera, voice recorder or pen and journal are always at arms way.  But, there are times when I naturally just lay back, so the "constant awareness" mode bolts down to "chillin'" mode.  This is when I find the most fascinating inspirations...simply because they find me!  That's what happened to me Saturday morning.  My eyes fell upon a picture on FaceBook of Phire kissing an aged woman, then her first words captured my heart and it wasn't until I finished the last word, that I realized time had stood still.  Her story was my story...a story of loss.  A story to many others, I'm sure, but also that many may still hold within not realizing there is freedom in sharing, whether its through words, a song or a conversation.  There is a sense of inner peace and inner freedom in sharing with one another, especially if it inspires others to do the same.  It can also serve as a way of comfort to someone you may not even know needs it.  And this is why I was inspired...POOF!

I want to give a special thanks to Phire White for her kind willingness and courage to share her story and pictures with me to share with others. 

What inspires you?  Do you have an inspiration you'd like to share?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment.  As always, keep coming back for more Inspire and be Inspired!



  1. Beautiful! painful yet inspiring...I personally know Phire and she truly is a DIVA full of inspiration. She is an amazing poet, lyricist and has phenomenal arms(lol! those arms gurl). Great post simplyymayra...nice way to spread the love :D. ONE LOVE, Ms.J

    1. Thanks Ms J, she is a Diva and her writing about the loss of her grandma, inspired me.

  2. I wanted to get to a computer before responding to this meeting of the minds. I always say who inspires the inspiring? Well, it is clear that it is those simply with an eye keen enough to see. Thank YOU my beautiful friends for sharing this. We, with our common goal know the goal is to reach ONE...and that ONE to share and reach one more, paying it forward for impact and for true life living!!! I love the inspiration within inspiration of this and thank you for thinking my meager writing worthy to share. Best of love. Best of life to you and my friend, your sis that we love dearly. One Love. Phire

    1. Phire, thank you very much for stopping by and voicing your thoughts. I am so sorry for the delayed response, I've been so busy, but there really should be no excuse. I want to thank you for allowing me to share your experience for everyone who stops by can read and perhaps relate in one way or another. It's just like you said...just to reach ONE. Tootles!


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