May 16, 2012

Sweet Scent of Tender Love at Suite 300

About My Mom

"My mom is 5 feet tall.  She works really hard at baking.

Her eyes are brown.   She smells like roses.  My mom's

favorite food is Chapotte. And she cooks the best chicken.

My mom loves to work at her work.  I like it when mom

says that I'm cute!  She always says I love you and she says

please. If I could give mom anything in the world for

Mother's Day, I'd give her a chiwawa.  I love it when mom

helps me with my homework.  The thing I love most about

my mom is that she gives me hugs!!!"

Okay, but that's enough about my mom...let's talk about ME!!!!  My name is katelyn and I'm 5!!!

Me:              So Katelyn, what's your favorite color?

Katelyn:       Purple

Me:              What's your favorite food?

Katelyn:      Macaroni and cheese.         

Me:              Do you have a favorite toy?

Katelyn:      My favorite toy is the American Girl Doll!

Me:              Do you prefer a dog or a cat?

Katelyn:      Cats

Me:              Why cats?

Katelyn:      Because they are just soooooo cute!

Me:              Tell me Katelyn, why do you think the sky is blue?

Katelyn:      Because the sun is always out!

Me:              What is your favorite thing to do?

Katelyn:      I like painting!

Me:              If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Katelyn:      Wow!  A pony, lion and kitty cat in my bedroom!

I Love you mommy!!!

Oh yea, I also want to say thank you Ms SimplyyMayra! Your are wonderful!  Your are very nice and I LOVE your blog! It's beautiful!  Everyone should come visit your blog!  Fine, fine Katelyn really didn't say that, but she will when she sees this post about her and her beautiful mommy!

As always thanks for visiting.  Keep coming back for more Inspire and be Inspired!


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  1. sweet baby :). You made her day writing this, thanks!


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