May 6, 2012

Sweet Crime of Confetti Sprinkling at Suite 300

As I walked in to work on Wednesday morning just like any other normal day, I was totally oblivious to what was waiting up ahead.  I noticed from a far something oddly peculiar scattered all over my desk.  At first I thought "Oh my gosh the cleaning crew exploded a vacuum cleaner bag all over my desk and forgot to clean the residue up!"  As I got closer, to my big surprise, I realized it was not the doing of the cleaning crew after all.  But rather a case of someone definitely having had a grand ole opry time of sprinkling confetti all over my desk!  And not just any old confetti.  Special confetti.  Colorful shiny confetti.  Happy Birthday and #50's confetti, lots and lots of #50's!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I could feel I had just walked into the middle of a crime scene...the Sweet Crime of Confetti Sprinkling at Suite 300!

All of a sudden, the curiosity antennas popped up, alert mode switch is on and swoosh I escape into Mz DobleD the Queen of all private eyes in fantasy Private Eye World!  I'm standing proud and tall in my Private Eye Suit...tight black leather pants, blood red button down silk blouse, cleavage tight and plump, black leather jacket and my ultimate secret 6 inch animal print stilettos!  Grrrrrr!  Ouuuch I'm sizzling hot and just too sexyy!  Watch out!  Mz DobleD is out to crack the case of the Sweet Crime of Confetti Sprinking at Suite 300!  In cue the mission impossible theme starts playing. So in slow motion I jump high around to my right as my red silky long curls sway in the air, then quickly I land on my heels and look to my left and see...NOTHING! 

Again, I jump high but this time to my left, spinning round in slow motion as my long red silky curls dance in the air, then quickly I land on my ass (ouch), I shake it off and look to my right and aha! I see...NOTHING either!  "Hmmmm" I thought as I cupped my chin in my hand.  There's only one person who is secretly slick, deceitful and conniving enough to pull off a confetti crime of this sort and get away with it!  And that's Deb, the Government Team Supervisor!  Aha! It's gotta be her!  I know it's her!  I feel it in my blood! You can't let her fool you though.  She may "seem" sweet because she's little and wears pretty flowery ruffled skirts and smiles a lot.  But sheeee don't full me.  You know why?  Cuz, I'm toooo sexyy for my cat...duh!  Do you believe she even had the audacity to bring in some treats...sweet!  Look at this...

I know she's comitted this crime before (not the confetti sprinkling) but something similar.  As a matter of fact, to someone in her own team who just happens to be my team-mate too!  Well, I'm not gonna let her get away with it this time!  Oops! Did I just say "her own team?" and "my team-mate too?"  I did, didn't I?  Bahgeebers!  That means she's MY supervisor too!!!  Dang it! It's okay, let me just retract and rephrase (that's what I like about blogging, you can actually rephrase before or after you've publish your post).  Geez I love it when I'm smart!  Excuse me a minute while I kiss myself.  Okay, I'm back.  I tried to kiss my face but it was hard so I just kissed my arms.  Anyway, as I was saying...she "IS" soooo sweet and she's little and wears pretty flowery ruffled skirts and smiles alot and I like her very, very much!

Having said that, let me continue with investigation of the case.  I re-focused when all of a sudden I sensed a strong energy of sweetness begin pulling me its way.  I went willingly, floating lost in its flow cuz it felt so sweet and loving.  Oh no, I was right!  It's leading me straight towards her office!  I tried to re-focus and gain strength when suddenly she steps out of her office and our glances interlocked.  She stood there, cool, calm and collected with arms crossed on her chest, right foot front, gently thumping up and down. The fixed expression on her face of "I'm innocent" began making me weak.  Then I realized she was trying to hypnotize me with the thumping sounds of her foot...thu-thump...thu-thump...thu-thump; but I fought it!  And I was gaining strength until she smiled.  Oh noooo!  I knew I was in trouble now!  I felt it!  Dang it!  Why does her smile have to be so sweet!?  So sweet, I was slipping back to reality!  Nooooo!  I don't wanna!  I wanna be Mz DobleD!  I tried to hold on so tight, but, nope, there went the leather suit; there went the long red silky curls (geez I loved that hair).  Then, I realized I still had my secret weapon and I held on tight to it!  The tug-of-war began between her real crisp white sweet gentle smile and my fantasy private eye world stilettos.  I struggled and fought hard to hang on to them while she effortlessly continued smiling as the energy brought me closer and closer to her office.  Errrrrrrrrrrrr! Then swooooosh there went the animal print stilettos too!

In seconds I was hugging her!  I was thanking her for such a pleasant surprise. "Wh-who am I?" I thought to myself.  I was still in a daze as we giggled down the hall back towards my cubicle.   For a moment, while my team-mates gathered round for picture taking and the yummy treats, I did sigh once and glanced up and around looking for any evidence or signs of what had just happened to me.  For at least something to show I wasn't crazy!  And then, I could've sworn, just for a mili-of-a-second I heard little tiny thumping sounds coming from under my desk.  So, I dared and looked down and there they were!  The animal print stilettos waving back at me!  Awww they were so pretty!  I tried to get everyones attention, but no one listened to me.  Then it walked right through the wall winking at me letting me know it will always be near for whenever I wanted.  I took in a slow deep breath of relief to know I was NOT insane!  Whooosh, it had me doubting myself for a while.  I smiled and continued taking pictures and enjoying my surprise!  Feeling on top of the world!  Thus, I called it a wrap!  And the case of the Sweet Crime of Confetti Sprinkling at Suite 300 was now solved and closed!  Did I ever say I liked her very, very much?  I want to make sure she knows I said it (wink, wink).  Enjoy the evidence below.....

Me and Deb, the sweet, sweet Government Team Supervisor
(just look at that sweet killer smile) (I'm talkin' bout my smile not hers)

And the accomplices.....Gayle





These are just some government team wanna be's....just for the treats!
(just kidding! them my gurls...Crystal (left) and Tiffany (middle)

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and deeply touched.  I give my heartfelt thanks to Deb, the notorious crime leader of the Sweet Crime of Confetti Sprinkling at Suite 300 and to the loyal accomplices Gayle, Sandy, Becky, Monique and Beckee for making me feel special that day.  But most of all for crowning me as Suite 300's Sweet Nifty 50 Queen of the Day!

Thanks for your visit.
P.S. I apologize for some of the pictures being blurry....I did say I was in a daze ;)

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