August 24, 2013

Stifling That Annoying Voice Once and For All!

Hola!   Do you sometimes feel captive to that annoying voice that creeps up and yells "no one is going to like it" or "you're just not good enough"?  I do.  Do you sometimes feel shy of sharing your work because of it?  I do.  And although for the most part I am proud of my work, I have to admit sometimes I am shy about sharing it because I feel my work is not good enough.

Well, I've come to terms that although it would be awesome for everyone to love my work, not everyone will.  And that is okay.  What matters is how I feel about my work.  And as long as I stay true to what I love, I will be just fine.  I love to draw.  I love to sketch. I love to paint.  And it's about time I stifle that annoying voice once and for all.

I really don't have a particular style, but I do enjoy Still Life Art very much.  I find it peaceful and relaxing. What ever catches my eye or speaks to my heart, I draw.  Every piece has a meaning to me.  That's about it.

So as a leap of faith on myself, here are some random pieces of a few Still Life Art pieces I've created in the past.  And there is so much more where that comes from, but I will share it a few at a time.

I also enjoy sketching with a live model...usually my familia.  But, I will leave those sketches for a future post. Next, a new easel for my inspiration room so I can begin creating anew and sharing those pieces with y'all as well.  I am excited!

Wishing everyone a happy, fun-filled weekend!



  1. You go girl! I am loving the idea of an inspiration room :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. What's really hard about art AND what you do really well is to evoke an emotion with your art!! Your pieces are charming and whimsical and keep it up. LOVE your work!! Thanks for sharing xoxo The elephant is my fav.


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