August 7, 2013

Mariposa Diaries: Throwing Up Some Things To Regain Energy!

Dear Journal,
I've been quite distance these days, but you're always on my mind.  Thing is my mind never stops writing and it can really get draining sometimes.  Especially if I don't transfer to paper!  So Ima do some throwing up here just to get some things out and regain energy. "Throwing up" words that is.  Don't wanna give out the wrong impression.

Been working on different projects in my little casa.  Brought me a new dining set and I love it!  Can't wait to share the pics.  The living room is almost done too with the exception of a TV stand...still using boxes for that.  I also need artwork on the walls, but Ima hold off until I create my own inspirational work space so I can display my own work.

 There is a perfect nook right in the bedroom for it.  I feel once it's done my creative juices will flow more often.  I've done a few sketches here and there but nothing I'm feeling grand about.  I'm just finding it's hard to get to any work having my arts & craft stuff scattered around in different places.  But, like I already said, my work space area is next!  Below are a few ideas I found on my Singapore friend's blog Refinehere.  Hola Refine!  I find them all fascinating!
Aren't these spaces fabulous!?  Can't wait to see how my own will come out.  I know once I get started on the project, my motivation will lead me in the right direction of finding the right inspirational work space for me.  I gotta bring out my measuring tape and start measuring the space I have in mind so that I can start looking for the perfect desk, storage, shelves and the this and thats.  I love shopping!  Anyhoo, as always, thanks for listening.  I will keep you posted.

P.S.  I have so much more to tell ya about Siela, work, love and life itself.  But that's a whole other entry.   I really gotta get organized.  I promise to be back soon!

P.P.S  I'm thinking of eliminating television all together again.  I went a whole year without it before and now feel I shouldn't have started it up again...ugh.  You live and learn.


  1. Can't wait to see the turn around!! And hurry up with siela I'm dying to know!!! Lol ;)

  2. Can't wait to see the turn around!! And hurry up with siela I'm dying to know!!! Lol ;)


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