August 5, 2013

Soul Food Monday - An Inspirational Link-Up #43

Man is the soul that uses the body as an instrument of self-expression.
Hola Readers! Hope this morning everyone is having a great rise along with a BIG appetite for life where ever in the world you may find yourself today. A life filled with excitement and prosperity!   Acknowledging first that we are more than just a body is a good start to healthy wholeness.  Let's take time to feed the soul. We feed our bodies with healthy foods to get enough energy and nutrients for optimal growth and development.  We feed and stimulate the mind with books, movies, plays and games for personal and creative development.  The same principal applies to feeding the soul.  It is just as important to feed the body as it is to feed the soul!  After all, the soul is the core of who we are!  It is who we are.  My own experiences of honoring my soul has helped me make this connection with my very soul.  And my life is so much richer in so many ways I could not have even imagined.  This is why I refuse to believe that we are just here to work, eat, sleep and die.  Yes, these are inevitable experiences we live as human beings, but we are spiritual beings as well.  So join me every Monday with a different food for the soul.
I was blessed this weekend with the presence of my eldest grand-daughter.  Having her stay with me is for the weekend is always memorable.  She is a prankster and for some reason or another she always gets me! Or maybe the G-Mom in me lets her do whatever she wants with me and get away with it, because I swear it's not me.  She usually gets me when I'm sleeping.  I wake up to find a mustache painted or a uni-brow on my face or both!   This weekend went like this:

Abuelita (Spanish term of endearment for G-Mom) close your eyes and open your mouth.

Wuuuuttt???  No way!

Please Abuelita, trust me. Please!


Abuelita please, please, please!

I said no!  I'm not falling for it this time!

Pluuu-eeeessssse. Trust me Abuelita, you're gonna like it. I promise! Please!

You'd think I know better...right?  You'd think a 10 year old can't make me do what I don't want to do...right?  Well, here is what I said after looking at her sparkling eyes and seeing those cute chubby cheeks that I love to squeeze and kiss (feel the G-Mom creeping in?)

Well, okay. Ima trust you!  Ya sure I'm gonna like it?  

You're gonna love it Abuelita!

Not only do I close my eyes and open my mouth, I close my eyes and open WIDE!  So wide you could see the back of my throat.  I know because I felt the SOUR candy spray that she sprayed into my mouth, it hit the back of my throat!!!  AND not only did she spray once, she sprayed THREE times. That girl is fast! Needless to say the sour spray went dripping down my throat!  Eeewwww!  I almost gagged and could not for the life of me spring out the word WATER!!!  After several attempts, I finally got out a faint, gasping sound..."Water!"   It tasted horrible!  And I mean horrible!

Anyway, her non-stopping giggles and piercing smiles made the awful, excruciating experience be forgotten quickly.  Did I mention she video taped it too!?  That little rascal!  Thank God I don't know how to post videos.....EMBARRASSING!  No what I mean?

This week's feed for the soul is on.....having fun!

So do you have any little rascal that gets you every time?
Please link up and share what's inspiring you this week!



  1. Wow she certainly sounds like a prankster!!! What a great sense of humour you have!! :-)

    1. Hola Aanie!
      Yea, she's quite the prankster of the family...well one of them! Thanks for stopping by and linking up your inspiration.

      ~SimplyyMayra :)

  2. This was a great post and might I add "fun" to read! Thanks for the inspiration love u!!!

    1. Hola Shasha!
      Thanks for the kind words, happy you had "fun" reading it. Love ya too!

      ~Mom ;)

  3. Ha! Grandmas never learn I don't think. It's part of their unique charm!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  4. Such happy inspiration this week, Mayra! Thank you for making me smile!

  5. I can't believe that we did our SoulFood Monday on the same thing!!! How funny are we?

  6. So nice to get to know you. I love the picture of the boy on the swing with the Einstein quote.


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