June 8, 2013

The Framed Lady!

Hola!  Happy weekend ya'll.  Let's share the love and support and help each other.  
“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”  
Will you join me in helping The Framed Lady reach her goal?  

The Framed Lady is almost at 1000 GFC followers, and wants to celebrate this exciting milestone with all of you! She would like to invite all bloggers and shop owners to donate to her giveaway and gain some great exposure for their business! Grow your readership and join in on this awesome giveaway!

Options for donating:
$3 - 1 social media link (either Facebook or Twitter)
$6 - 2 social media links (either Facebook or Twitter for the first link, and one additional link)
$9 - 3 social media links (either Facebook or Twitter for the first link, and two additional links)
$12 - Co-host position (1 mandatory social media link and two additional links, at least one link must be Facebook or Twitter)

Giveaway will start within one week of reaching 1000 GFC followers. She'll keep you updated as it gets closer. 

Plus, if you sign up and share this announcement post, you can win an option upgrade if you refer the most people! Help her get to 1000 followers and let's all gain some new followers!

Fill out the donation form here, and please say that PonderWonders referred you!


Let's chat, share and get to know each other!

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