June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear God:  I know you are there, but lately I've been feeling sad more often then usual.  I know you know that too.  Can you please send some butterflies my way, for sure they will make me smile.  Thanks!  You're Awesome!

Dear Gloria:  Thanks for being there for me when I've needed a friend, you aight ^_^

Dear Florida Weather:  You can stop the heat now, we've plenty already. So bring on the cool breezes, but still keep the sunshine!

Dear Blog:  I know I've abandoned you lately, but I'm working myself out of this rut.

Dear Creative Talent:  I feel you ready to burst out the seams.  So come on, bring it on!!!  Canvases, brushes, paint, pencils are all set out waitin' for ya!

Dear Love:  You are the only one thing that is real.  Thanks for existing and making the world a better place.

Dear Familia:  United we stand, divided we fall...

Dear PonderWonder-ers and Bloggy friends:  You guyz are all so special to me, y'all tickle me pink and ya know I love me some pink *_*

Dear Self:  So you've been feeling a little down lately, it happens.  Just remember this...refuse to let them get the best of you, you are a great person, kind soul, intelligent, humble and  a caring woman...allow nothing and no one to kill your joy or stand in your way...I love you.

Dear You:  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the visit.  Have an awesome weekend y'all!


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  1. Love you Mi Viejita... Oops I mean Perlita!!! Happy Friday!!! Can't wait to see what art you come up with next =) I am looking forward to seeing it!!! This weekend I hear is going to be perfect staying in blog weather!!!


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