June 13, 2013

POMA! I Am Proud of My Art!

Hola!  There is something new starting up in here and I am superdeeduperdee excited about it!!!!  But, I will let mi Amiga Sarah tell you guyz all about it.  Take it away Sarah....
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Hey there people and Happy Thursday to you! I hope you're having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to introduce a brand new linkup to you lovelies - a monthly linkup that's all about art!  It's no secret that I love to create art, and that I love to link up to arty blog hops. I do hear sometimes from people though who sound a little afraid to share their creativity. They leave me comments like "I wish I was as creative as you" or "I could never manage that."

I was chit-chatting to my good friend Mayra about just this and joked that there should be a linkup for people just like that. I joked that there should be a linkup called "I Am Proud of My Art." If you've ever heard of The Nearsighted Owl's linkup I Am Proud of My Size then you'll know where we're going with this.  Of course, I should know better than to joke with Mayra!  She started hoppin' up and down at the idea and therefore not too long after my little throwaway comment this bloghop was fleshed out and on it's way to being born.

So, what are the rules for this little hop? Strap yourself in - they're complicated! :)

SHARE YOUR ART WORK WITH US!!  Even if you're just a beginner, if you've never felt confident about sharing your creativity with the world - SHARE YOUR ART WORK WITH US!!

If you're a confident artist who is happy to share - SHARE YOUR ART WORK WITH US!!

If you're a crafter - SHARE YOUR ART WORK WITH US!!  It's really that simple!

Grab a button from the top of this post if you'd like to spread the joy, and don't forget to visit each others' links to celebrate their art with them too :)

Here's what I'm sharing this week - some more of the ACEO's I created recently. Enjoy!
May Flowers
Love and Friendship
Kitty Love
Kitty Tree

And here is what I'm sharing this week.....

Now it's your turn - link up your art and celebrate it with us :)

Next month we will be featuring some of our favourite linkers - don't forget to stop back and check to see if you've been featured.  If you'd like to join in and pin to our group Pinterest Board P.O.M.A. - just leave me a comment with your email address and I'll happily send you an invite.  Have a great day people!

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  1. Sometimes I stay in awe of how truly amazing your drawings are. It's hard to draw like that. I love the last piece. We have to get together and see what ideas I would like for you to paint some pieces for the girls new room!!! - Love you!!!


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