June 12, 2013

And the Very Inspiring Blogger Award Goes to....

Hola!  It is a gorgeous and bright sunny morning last Sunday over here in Pompano Beach, Florida, which was great considering the heavy rains we were having earlier that week due to tropical storm Andrea.  My morning got even better when I opened my inbox to discover I was awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by none other than spunky Cortne of Coco in Magnolia who loves to live out loud!  Thanks Cortne!  I am blessed, honored, proud and tickled pink that you thought of me for this fantabulous award!
The rules:  Display the award logo, link back to the person that gave it to you, state 7 things about yourself, and nominate 15 bloggers for this award with their links.

Hmmmm....7 things about me, lets see:

1)  I am a very, very morning kinda girl and awake every morning to the relaxing melodies of soundscapes, they are a breath of fresh air to my soul.

2)  I meditate every morning as a method of finding and centering self, communicating with God strengthening and enriching my my personal relationship with Him.

3)  I love butterflies, they symbolize freedom...soaring free.  I aim to live each day like this.

4)  I am a good listener and my heart is always opened to helping others.

5)  I enjoy collecting porcelain dolls and music boxes, especially carousel ones.  My favorite doll, Angel with wings, hangs from the ceiling over my bed.  I also hung four butterflies on the curtain scarf representing me and my three daughters roaming free.

6)  I guess I'm a whimsical girly girl, loving pink, green and sparkling things, high heels, purses.  I love the old and vintage too and enjoy antique shopping very much.  I find inspiration in everything.

7)  I am a survivor and have weathered the stormiest of storms, my strength is my faith in God.
Now, for the 15 bloggers that inspire me in no particular order are:

Keep aiming to inspire and be inspired!



  1. Thank you, Mayra! I loved learning these things about you. Especially the meditating. You are an inspiration! And speaking of inspiring...why are you going to Paris for four months?? I'm not only inspired; I'm jealous! Again, thank you for the award. And for being you!

  2. That's so sweet of you. Thank you! Loved reading your answers. :)

  3. Thank you so much Mayra :)



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