September 2, 2014

Feeling Hopeful

I AM SOVEREIGN, AND I AM GOOD. These are essential truths about who I am. When you are struggling with the brokenness of this world, it can be a challenge to believe both truths simultaneously. Because I am Sovereign, I am ultimately in control of everything that happens--to you and to others. This knowledge is sometimes hard to swallow, especially in the face of atrocities or catastrophes. Amid such carnage, many people conclude that only a cruel God could be overseeing a world like this. Let me assure you that I am absolutely Good. I am pure Light, and there is not an iota of darkness in Me. My absolute Goodness in the face of so much evil is totally beyond your understanding. When you are struggling with these mysteries, come to Me. Express yourself freely to Me, trusting that I care and understand. Then, subordinate your finite mind to My infinite intelligence, My Sovereign ways. Relinquish your demand to understand, and rest in My compassionate Presence. Cling to Me in childlike trust, believing that My way--though mysterious--is perfect. (from the book Jesus Today by Sarah Young) — feeling hopeful.

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