March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear God:  I am really trying so hard! I need help with this creeping "other" woman.  But, I am still hanging on and will fight with all my faith might!  Please send me an Angel...Gracias 

Dear SAMM:  I love you to death and I know we will get through this.  We will find our way back to each other. Remember the poem I wrote nearly a year ago?  Here it is...

Collectively SAMM

 Long, long ago
 darkness and gloom
 Four little caterpillars
 sentenced to doom

 Savage winds of malice
 twisted ignorant gust
 hurricanes of hatred
 deranged tornadoes of lust

Clipped faded wings
covered in mud
sad deepened eyes
hearts full of blood

Four little caterpillars
tears under rain
crawl sadly apart
binded by pain

World cold and lonely
stepped on and beat
now years, years later
Four caterpillars meet

Familiar strangers
never lost love
cry out together
festering gunk

Long, long ago
darkness and gloom
four little caterpillars
surviving their doom  

Four little caterpelliars
bursting with sting
soaring high and mighty
finding their wings! 
~written by Mayra Alonso 4/28/2012~

Dear Precious Trio:  Forever YOU are my true love 

Dear Natalia:  Can't wait to see ya wearing your first pair of high heels!  Where's my pic chica?  I love you to the Luna!

Dear Self:  You will be just fine. Refuse to be confuse, know who you are and whom you serve. God is Love!

Dear Readers/Friends and peek-a-booers:  You guyz just ROCK!  Thank you for all of the love and support! 


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