November 1, 2012

In My Imaginary Home For the Holidays!

I love decorating for the holidays!  When my daughters were little girls, I loved to see the sparkle in there eyes and the energy of love in there smiles. I always went all out with the decorations.  Christmas and Thanksgiving were and still are my fave holidays!  This year holds a challenge for me as I recently relocated from out of state and am currently sharing space with my G-Kidz at my eldest daughter's home.  But, I am hoping and have faith to be in my own space, if not by Thanksgiving, by Christmas.

Although my daughter learned from her momma and enjoys decorating her home for the holidays too and I am grateful to be sharing her home, I want to feel the spirit of my own holiday decorations.  Therefore, I came up with an idea that will keep my juices flowing and my spirits imaginary home!  Yes!  You heard me right!   I will be posting and sharing of what I would be cooking or how I would be decorating my imaginary home.  May be imaginary, but it is my own.  May be imaginary, but it is my Truth!  So for the month of November, I welcome you to come in and share Thanksgiving with me in my imaginary home!

I jumped for joy when I searched through my art binder and found the above drawing of ten years ago.  I contemplated searching for a picture on google, but using one of my own drawings makes my imaginary home even more fun and personal.

Here are a few pictures I found on the internet of things you would find around my home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  A must is a Welcome decoration of some sort.  I love making people feel at home!

Of course Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without being grateful or thankful!

Also, I will try everyday for the entire month of November to share at least one thing I am grateful and thankful for in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I will call the series:

I will start today by being grateful for my health and sound mind.  And that although not having a home of my own, I am able to share my holiday spirit with my loved ones, friends, peek-a-boo-ers and all who come by to visit my imaginary home.

There you have it, my first 30 Days Grateful: Day 1 of the month as well as a little tiny glimpse of what you would find In My Imaginary Home for the Holidays!  Now I can completely understand the saying "Home is where the Heart is".   Ahhh, but there is so much, much more!  So be sure to come back to Inspire and be Inspired!

What is your home like over the Thanksgiving Holiday?   What are your favorite decorations?

Happy Holidays!


  1. These are great. I like pumpkins and "Give Thanks" signs quite a bit!

    I'm your latest Linky follower. Hope you get your own place to decorate soon, and 'til then happy decorating anyway! :)

    1. Thanks! Your kind words are comforting. Thanks for the linky love and support...right back at ya!

  2. Super cute inspiration photos. I love the thanks bottles for sure.

    1. Yea, the thanks bottles are one of my faves. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. lovely inspirations Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Tuesday wishes xo P.S. sorry I'm so late visiting :-)

  4. So I was thinking... Why don't you decorate for Thanksgiving here at my home. We can even have the kids participate in some crafts. I really like the idea with the bottles saying thanks.


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